Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baltic Cruise: Stockholm, Part 2 (Ice Bar)

Teehee, you knew me posting twice last week was a fluke : )  I've been meaning to get back in here and post again since Monday but hey, better late than never!  Just don't tell that to my high school band director.

Anyway, after we left the Vasa Museum, we walked to the Ice Bar.  They have these in several cities around the world, but the first one was in Sweden:  the entire bar is made of ice.  The seats, the bar itself, the walls, the glasses, all of it.

It's very expensive to get in, I can't remember if it was $60 for both of us together or $60 apiece, but all that gets you is one drink and the blue parka to wear while you're in the bar.

It's quite small, but luckily when we were there it wasn't crowded at all.

Can't take him anywhere ; )

This ice sculpture car was on the bar, I suppose for tips.

I tried getting a picture of it with the flash and this is what I got : )

There's Lee, just chillin'.

Would you watch that TV channel?

So if you look at our glasses, they're made of ice too.  The list of drinks is short, like maybe a half a dozen, and they have a couple of non-alcoholic options too so I had one of those.  Mine was something apple-y, I really liked it.  Anyway, as I said, this was terrifically expensive, especially since the bar is pretty small and basically you spend maybe 15 minutes in there, but we figured we would most likely only go to Stockholm once so we might as well do the tourist thing.

But looking at all these icy pictures is now making me want to get another cuppa tea!


Vicki Burns said...

Yes, I know you're shocked to see a comment from me. It's been AGES since I've been here. 😢 I really mss you, and I figure that seeing you on your blog will make me feel like I'm kind of sort of but not really sitting next to you while I sip my cuppa.

This ice bar totally reminded me of the hotel in Die Another Day. Can you imagine sleeping on an ice bed?
This looked like a fun stop. Wish I had been there!

CCsMom said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even IMAGINE sitting much longer than 15 minutes in there. It's like when we went to the ice sculpture show there at the Gaylord. They charge a lot and expect to churn a lot of customers in a short period of time. Really, that's the ultimate way to do business, isn't it?! Would have liked to have seen a line-up at the bar of patrons. I think it would have reminded me of the scene in "Star Wars" -- always made me feel cold. Brrr!

Thoughts by B and M said...


Alexis said...

Lol, we went to the one in London about 5 years ago. We really didn't want to pay full price and as we stood there contemplating the guy at the door told us that if we waited about 15 more min (I think you were allowed to stay for an hour and 15 min of that slot had 15 more min would make 30 left) we could go in for a drastically reduced rate...maybe 5 pounds each?? Annndddd ours came with 2 or 3 drinks!