Monday, February 2, 2015

Baltic Cruise: Copenhagen, Part 2 (Den Lille Havfrue)

We've officially made it, peeps.  The LAST blog post for last year's Baltic cruise.  Which means that now I need to get sorting on the Wales pictures, but first things first:  let's go back to Copenhagen.

We spent the morning at Elsinore, and then took the train back to Copenhagen and walked from the train station through the city.  I have no idea what this building is, but it sure looks pretty.

And there's another building that I don't know what it is.  But we were following the signs to see Den Lille Havfrue, which is officially the only Danish I know now.

It's the Little Mermaid!

And I was there!  With kinda messed up hair.

That wasn't supposed to rhyme.

The statue sits a little ways out into the river, probably to keep people from climbing all over it or something.

There was a good handful of people taking pictures when we arrived, but everyone was very polite about taking turns so no one got random other people in their pics.  And people traded off cameras too so we get a pic with both me and Ree in it.  Yay!

But we still did a selfie : )

After taking zillions of pictures of the Little Mermaid, we once more hit the road to walk through Copenhagen, and found this cool statue.

Who hitches bulls up to a chariot?  I don't know.

Some Russian-y onion domes for you; I think that might possibly have been a Russian Orthodox church, but it's just as likely that I made that up.

No idea what this building is, of course, but nice Classical architecture.

'Nother statue, probably another king or something.  They have lots of those in Europe.

Lee took this pic of the boats; the colorful buildings behind them housed some restaurants and bars, but it wasn't dinnertime yet so we kept walking.  Plus it was a lot of seafood, and I don't eat seafood.  Actually, when we did stop for dinner, we ended up having hamburgers : )

Last bit of interesting architecture...

And our very last Baltic cruise selfie.  Took me forever and a day to get them all posted, but I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Baltic!


CCsMom said...

Very nice photo to end on, I must say. Hey, and in reading this blog, I discovered the REASON they have tour guides -- so you KNOW what you are looking at. Too funny. I've found on Google some of the sites you've come across, so if you get REAL industrious before you scrapbook your photos, you may find out the names of everything you saw on your visit!

Thoughts by B and M said...

I see a Baylor sweatshirt!!!!