Friday, March 6, 2015

Wales: Chepstow Castle

Mornin', peeps!  I'm back with more Wales photos.  After we left Tintern Abbey, we trundled down the road just a little bit and stopped again at nearby Chepstow Castle since we wanted to make those Wales Explorer passes pay off ASAP.  (FYI:  I think we saved at least $100 by getting those passes.  I did all the math while we were still in Wales but I don't think I kept it.)

Wikipedia (source of all knowledge on the interwebs) says that Chepstow is the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in Britain.

The castle isn't particularly strong defensively speaking, since instead of a concentric layout with a strong keep, it's strung out on the banks of the River Wye.  It's very long and thin, which means that if you were attacking it, you'd have a whole lot of wall from which to choose.  The river side is all on a cliff though, so you wouldn't attack from that side.

These, my friends, are the oldest castle doors in Europe, built no later than the 1190s.  Pretty amazing, huh?

And there's my artsy shot of the doors.

Lee is very excited to be seeing another castle.  By the end of our time in Wales, though, he was totally castled out.

There's a part of the castle structure from inside one of the courtyards.  I have no idea what part of the castle we're looking at, I just like the colors in this shot.

I also like taking pictures of windows and such.

And there's the view out that window, I think the ivy makes it particularly pretty.

I would NOT want to go swimming in that river, though.  I think we could have gotten some nice photos of the castle as a whole from that bridge, but we didn't go down there.  I think the sun would have been behind the castle from that vantage anyway, so to get good shots we would have had to go there in the morning.

'Nother view of the other side of the Wye.

And a staircase.  Lee and I have a running joke about how all the iron railings are original to the castles.

One more shot of the castle ruins for you.

We forgot to get a selfie at Chepstow, but I did take this pic of the signs in both English and Welsh.  And I'll admit to a bit of adolescent humor:  Panty Castle.  Teehee.


CCsMom said...

Have you ever wondered how it would be to live in one of these castles way back when? I bet they were cold. Beautiful, though.

CCsMom said...

Oh, and I absolutely love the photo of the window with the vines. AWESOME!

Sharon Madson said...

I love your photos! We are simalar photographers, although yours are better. I like taking photos thru widows up stairs and through trees, etc. Thanks for sharing!