Monday, March 2, 2015

Wales: Tintern Abbey

Well, I suppose it's time to dust off the ol' blog again because I seriously need to get my Wales pictures up here before I forget everything about that trip.  I need the blog posts for when I do the scrapbook pages and sometimes it takes years before I get to the scrapbook pages. 

So anyway, let's recap:  The last two months before Lee and I left England were pretty crazy, what with a trip to Scotland, the Baltic cruise, and then a week-long road trip to Wales.  I don't know why we never planned a trip to Wales before, it was gorgeous and I'm glad we managed to squeeze it in.  So we headed out in Lee's car (we'd actually already sold it, but hadn't turned it over to the new owner yet) and began our odyssey through Wales.

We stopped for lunch in a wee town on the very eastern border of Wales, not too far from Tintern Abbey.  During the course of the week, we drove from one end of Wales to the other, and it's all gorgeous.  Loved it.  So above is the view we had from the restaurant where we had lunch.

The abbey was our first planned stop to pick up Wales explorer passes.  Wales has its own organization, Cadw, that operates much like English Heritage; we bought week-long passes and were able to use them to visit a number of sites which you'll see as I get pictures posted.  But Tintern was first because it's on the eastern border and makes a good introduction.  It was a Cistercian monastery (really, I don't know the difference between Cistercian, Benedictine, etc. different kinds of abbeys and churches and stuff, I'm only one quarter Catholic) and was started in 1131.  The current structures date back to the 13th century when the abbey was rebuilt.

Hey, I know that guy :)

I just liked this one for the weathering on the stones, I think it's an interesting texture.

And there's the ceiling inside the passageway.

Wales was very, very green everywhere we went--totally gorgeous.  Rolling hills and low mountains (we never got up to Snowdonia, so we'll have to put that on the to-do list for if we ever get to go back) and lots of sheep pastures.

Closeup of some of the surviving stonework in the windows, isn't it beautiful?

There's a view from inside the abbey.  Tintern was another casualty of King Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 1500s, but fortunately for the inhabitants here it was peaceful and the last abbot was pensioned off.  The lead roof was sold shortly afterwards and the buildings began to decay, but at least this time the clerics weren't murdered.

Closeup of the broken stonework piled up near the wall.  I know it's not supposed to be green, but it is a pretty green : )

This is me trying to take interesting pictures.

I liked the angle and shapes on this one with the archways.  And the lichen on the stones.

It may have no roof anymore, and the interior has grass all over it, but I bet a church service here would be quite lovely of a Sunday morning.

And another picture that I took just because I thought the shapes were interesting.

Selfie time!  So that was our first foray into Welsh historic sites, stay tuned for more.  Hopefully I can get the rest of them posted before it's time for us to move out of Alabama ; )


CCsMom said...

That IS beautiful. Did you get up to where the planes fly thought and people take photos? That would have been interesting to see! Loved your pictures.

CCsMom said...

You know what? YOU look GOOD in yellow! I can't wear it, but you certainly can. I know we discussed this while you were here, but seeing you in these photos, yes, YOU can wear yellow (and orange). I guess since I'm (fake) blonde, it just doesn't work for me.