Friday, April 17, 2015

Horseback Riding in Northern Wales

Oyyyy I really want to to back to bed and I only got up at 10:30.  I'm coming down with something.  But before I go back to sleep, I'm posting more Wales pictures.  So Lee and I spent about a week in Wales, but in the middle of that time we met up with a tour group and spent a couple nights at a horse farm and went horseback riding.

Man, these are all out of order, but I'm too tired to mess with it.  Lee's on a horse!

And this is what the countryside looks like near the horse farm.

We arrived there about an hour before the rest of the group did, so we walked around a little bit and took some pictures and said hi to the horses.

Proof that I was there too : D

There's also lots of sheep around.  And it was nearing sunset; they're not quite this yellow really but we were hitting golden light.

Is that not just gorgeous?  I think I want to move to the Welsh countryside and raise horses now.

I mean REALLY.

Just gorgeous.

Here's Lee making a new friend...

Who was less interested once she realized we didn't have food.  She's like the horse equivalent of Vader.

More beautiful countryside.  So we spent two or three nights here, sharing a room with two other couples which was slightly weird but not too bad.  Everyone was in single beds and no one snored too much.  On the first full day, we got a two-hour horseback riding lesson, which was great as I'd never ridden English-style (hello, I grew up in Texas, they only do Western tack there) and then we got to go out to see some other sites which will be in my next post.  And then the next day we did a two-hour ride out to a pub, had lunch, and rode back to the farmhouse.

Aren't we cute in our hard hats?

The only problem was that Lee's horse, Harry, liked to be at the very front of the group, and my horse, Rosie, hated to have anyone behind her and so would insist on being at the very back of the group.  Then when we rode back from the pub, they split us into two smaller groups and somehow Lee and I got completely separated, so we never really got to ride *together*.

There's Lee and Harry.  He was a great horse, Lee liked him a lot, but he passed gas CONSTANTLY.  He should've been named Thor for the constant thunder he produced.

Somehow we never got a picture of me on my horse : (

Arriving back at the farm house at the end of the ride.  So up next is more fun and beautiful countryside in rural northern Wales!

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CCsMom said...

Yep, you were in your element. OK, so I'm laughing at this very last picture -- it almost looks like a "Thor" pose (the horse). The photo of Lee meeting the horse is good, too. Love how gorgeous the countryside is. Can you imagine how tranquil your life would be if you lived there raising horses? Yep.

Now you are off to the hussle and bustle of Washington DC. What a total change in scenery.

Hope you get to feeling better. Love you!