Monday, April 27, 2015

Wales: Denbigh Castle

Oh hey, lookit me, I'm back with another blog post already!  We're still working our way through castles in Wales.  I've already made scrapbook layouts for Tintern Abbey and Chepstow Castle, and I won't lie, I kinda sorta want to scrap all the rest of our Wales trip Right Now.  But for today I'm sharing more pictures, so welcome to Denbigh Castle!

Lee is beyond ecstatic to be visiting another castle.  No, really.

We got to Denbigh kind of late in the day, I think less than a half hour before the castle closed for the day, but the man at the front desk kindly let us go in to take pictures and stuff (he'd just refused entry to a family with some rowdy kids).  So this picture is taken from the inner courtyard; to the left is the modern gift shop/entry area, and just to the right of that (center of the picture) is the ancient entrance to the castle.

Ok, so that's almost the same picture again.  Clearly I went through these really well...

Denbigh has some history with the Welsh rebellions against the English crown and was once owned by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth I's main squeeze.  You can read all about it on the Wikipedia page linked above.

After the English Civil War, Denbigh was abandoned and allowed to decay; I had fun taking pictures of interesting shapes in the crumbling walls and fun shadows.


There's a view of the town of Denbigh from atop the castle walls.

Countryside in the opposite direction.

And the flat top of the wall but you're not allowed to walk out there because there's no safety railings.

No idea what that place was, or how to get to it, but I bet it would have been pretty for pictures if we'd been able to find it.

You know I love to take pictures of things through holes in walls.  That's kind of a weird sentence.

As you can see, we had *gorgeous* weather in Wales for most of our trip.  I kinda want to move to Wales now.

I think this was a view of the front of the castle on our way was summertime, so light until probably 9 p.m., but the castle still closed at about 5:00.

Better sky in this one.  It's hard taking pictures facing west in the late afternoon.

Castle selfie!

Castle walls selfie!

And one last shot, almost a silhouette.  Just because it's pretty.

Spoiler alert for the next post:  there's a castle.  : D

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CCsMom said...

HOLE! We were just talking about that this weekend. Too funny. LOVE this castle. Wish you could have spent more time there, but you did get a whole lot of great shots. I like Wales, too -- not that I've ever been there. Your photos make me want to go there.