Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rust Goes With Everything: Old Car City, Part 1

Ok, so I had a couple of votes for car pictures and your wish is my command.  Unless I don't want to do it, but I'm going to go along with it this time ; )  So last Saturday, Lee and I drove about 3 hours north to White, Georgia, to visit Old Car City.  I was trying to explain it to Dad, and he's like is it a car museum?  Is it a car lot?  Nope, it's more like an old car graveyard.  They've got acres and acres of old cars sitting out in the woods, just rusting.  And it's cool to take pictures of them, so we spent three hours doing that, then drove back home.

New Gibbs Rule:  Don't go to Georgia without bug spray.  I got about 100 mosquito bites while we were at OCC, even with Lee standing behind me trying to swat away the mosquitoes while I was taking pictures.  State bird of Georgia, right there.  (Mom, I do NOT have West Nile.  And the bites are already fading a lot.)

So we still only have the one big nice camera, so Lee and I traded it off all day long and I'm not sure who took each of the pictures.  And also this is the first post of at least three; between the Nikon camera and the iPhones, we took about 700 shots.  So even though I've whittled it down a lot, this is probably still more pictures of old cars than you really want to see.  I'll probably do minimal blah-blah, so if you click on the first picture to see it bigger, you can just scroll through all of them and then come back later to read the blah-blah : )

Our first shot of the day, before I fixed the settings.  But I kinda liked it all dark and shadowy.

Same car.

I know this is one of Lee's (above).  I like the angle with the wheel well in the foreground.

I really, really liked taking pictures of the decals and model names on the cars.  Even better if there were nice rust patterns around them.

Or if the cars were damaged.

I think this is one of my favorites; I love those 50s-ish old fonts and I like the rust in this one.

Another one of mine that I'm rather proud of.

I keep thinking this is trying to say Boulevard, but it definitely says Borgward.  What the heck is a Borgward?

Think this one is Lee's.

My car knowledge is quite limited, so I have no idea what this bit used to be, but I thought it made for an interesting picture.

I just like the textures on this one, between the rust and the paint strokes and the shiny door handle.

Another one of the cool fonts!  Reminds me of a '50s diner.

So there's part 1.  More cars next, or another Welsh castle?  Are you castled out?


CCsMom said...

That is really cool. Wonder if there were any more hood ornaments that are really awesome -- the art nouveau style. JUST LOVE IT. You know I had a Mustang? Robin had a Pinto. That would have been fun to do. Coolness.

Sweet Creations by Adi said...

These kinda made me sad, but I liked the variety of cars you featured!

Alexis said...

These are awesome but I'm dying for more castles!