Monday, May 25, 2015

Swamp Thing, Part 3

Howdy, peeps.  I decided I'm going to finish out the swamp pictures before I share pics from Saturday's photo safari...I will tell you that my new personal rule is never go to Georgia without lots of bug spray.  I think I've got roughly 100 more mosquito bites decorating my legs.

Anyway, to finish out I've got a few pictures that I cropped so you can see closeups of some of the bugs that WEREN'T trying to bite me, and then some of Audra's pics that she shared with me.

I love dragonfly stuff, so I was happy to see lots of dragonflies in the swamp.  We saw blue ones, lime green ones, copper ones, all kinds of colors.  I wonder if I like them because they've got "dragon" in the name?  After all, I named my blogs Snapdragon.  I do love dragons...

The cool thing about the dragonflies is that if they landed on something, they would often stay there for a good long while and allow you to photograph them.  This one was sitting on the edge of the sign at the front of the swamp; he was there before I arrived and he was still sitting there after I took a bunch of pictures of him.  And he was alive ; )

Love the blue color on this one.  I actually liked the uncropped photo of this too but I didn't convert it to share here.

Less excited about this dude and all his eight-legged friends.  Spiders are creepy.

So from here on out are some of Audra's pictures!  Love the saturated greens in this one, and the fog among the tree trunks.

Frank, Audra, and me.  Apparently Audra has a rule that she gets a photo of herself with state park signs for every park she visits.  And you can't wear sunglasses in the pic either ; )

Had to stop another time to get the Okefenokee sign.

And one more sign for good measure!  We didn't feed the alligators, but I did feed the mosquitoes.  Not that I wanted to.

Last picture, isn't this awesome?  Makes me think I should have busted out my macro lens when we were out there, but I don't like changing out lenses outdoors because that's an opportunity to get your camera sensor dirty, and we have to send our camera off to have that cleaned.

So that's it for Okefenokee Swamp.  What would you rather see next, more Wales or Old Car City?


Thoughts by B and M said...

Love the pics! The dragon flies are awesome...and car photos! Also, eat lots of garlic...supposedly repels Mosquitos :-)

CCsMom said...

Great dragonfly pictures!!! That last one IS awesome. Wow, he looks like he's dressed for a party! And the dew was captured on the stem he was sitting on. So cool.

I'm for the car pictures. Wondering what you saw.