Friday, May 8, 2015

Wales: Beaumaris Castle

Hey, happy Friday, y'all!  I'm getting a late start this morning and I'm totally procrastinating about going on my run so I thought I'd work on this blog post : )  The castle du jour is Beaumaris Castle, on the beautiful island of Anglesey, which you might remember was where Wills and Kate lived before he got out of the military.  Congratulations to them on the birth of their daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  I totally called the name, too, I told my mom that I figured there were four names they might pick from:  Charlotte, Elizabeth, Victoria, and Alice, and that they would use Diana as a middle name but not the first name.  Called it, someone give me a prize.

Ok, so let's go castle-ing.

As you can see, the weather was absolutely ghastly.

Just terrible.  But hey, this castle still has a moat!  That's pretty cool.

There's the entrance to the castle.  Before we went in, we stopped to have lunch at a tea room with a view of the castle; man do I miss cream teas.  Lovely cuppa tea, a scone, and some jam would be pretty perfect right now.  I mean, I could make my own, but...well.  I guess I'll have to now.

Beaumaris is another of Edward I's castles and was never completely finished, but it still looks pretty impressive nonetheless.

I spent some time just playing with angles and different perspectives.

And photographing the local wildlife ; )

Just some neat shadows.  There's quite a bit of open space in the castle courtyards; I imagine that they were supposed to be filled with some other buildings and such that either never were completed or that didn't survive the ravages of time.  There was a group of Americans here at the same time as us, maybe in college, and they were SO loud and obnoxious.  No wonder other people don't like Americans much.  Lee and I try not to draw attention to ourselves and always be respectful when we travel.

We still enjoyed our time at Beaumaris, college kids or no.

This shot was pretty much impossible.  It's all blown out there on the left, but otherwise it would have been pretty much black everywhere else and I just thought that was a neat angle so I was determined to try to get a pic.

I believe this is the chapel inside one of the towers.

Same kind of archway as above, but not blown out.  Yay!

So we were up on one of the inner towers and took this of the outer curtain wall, just kind of neat-looking with the crumbling brick and the shadows.

Another local denizen, probably hoping I saved him part of my scone.  I did not.

There's the courtyard and the obnoxious kids.  But check out the landscape over the wall!  Man, I do wanna live in Wales.

By now all the castles are starting to run together.  Luckily for me, Lee is generally happy to go wherever I want to go, even if it involves dozens of castles in a week.

I'm a lucky lady.

These are out of order, I think we took this selfie before we even went in the castle.

I just like the crenellations on this wall, and it should have been somewhere in the middle of the post because usually the castle selfies are at the end, but oh well.

Next up:  could it be...a CASTLE?  Stay tuned to find out ; )

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CCsMom said...

I was talking to Jacki at lunch and she said that her kids who lived in Ireland for about a year thought that WALES was IT, too! Must be absolutely gorgeous. What they didn't like about Ireland? -- Cold and the very short days in the winter. So you have the same thoughts.