Friday, May 29, 2015

Wales: Dolwyddelan Castle

This one is for Alexis, it's another castle!  Next up on our castley tour of Wales was Dolwyddelan Castle, which is different from the other castles we saw because it was actually built by a Welshman (well, probably not one dude by his onesies) rather than being built by the English to subdue the Welsh, and it's also tiny.

I kind of love this picture.

Which also comes in vertical ; )  This castle is so small, it doesn't have its own little shop or people working there but it's not totally rubble so they still want to charge you to get in.  So the people who live in the farmhouse that's at the bottom of the hill also take cash for getting into the castle.  We had the Wales Explorer passes (totally worth it if you're doing a trip through Wales like this one and want to see a ton of castles) so we didn't have to pay, but we still checked in.  And then we walked up the hill to the wee castle.

I believe this is a foxglove.  And it's a very pretty color too.

I think this might be one of my patented tilting pictures.  Because that's more fun than straight up and down...and maybe sometimes I don't mean to tilt the camera, but this time I did.  Might as well work with my off-kilter-ness to make nice pictures, right?

Getting closer...

And closer...

We made it!  They had several signs up on the castle walls and inside the castle telling about it.  And of course they're in both Welsh and English.

Hey, I know that guy!

We shared the castle grounds with a couple of sheep, who apparently have free range all around it.  Watch out for sheepoo.

Dolwyddelan is very tiny, it's got two floors and a basement in the tower that's still standing and then this is the roof.  It's more a tower keep really.

And there's the view of the gorgeous Welsh countryside.

And the remains of the second tower that collapsed around 1810.

More countryside...

And again, more countryside.  Wales is simply beautiful.

One more shot of the tower up on the hill.

We didn't really take pictures inside the tower because it's just a bare room with a fireplace, but they did have this map of the medieval Welsh kingdoms.  It's not a huge land area, but Wikipedia says there used to be twenty different kingdoms.  And in quite a few of the Arthurian stories I've read, Guenevere was a Welsh princess from Gwynedd.

One windy castle selfie and we're done for today!  Three more Wales posts, two more Old Car City posts.  What's next?


CCsMom said...

You tell me -- what's next! DOES look windy! Very beautiful countryside!

Alexis said...

Yeyyyyyy!! So gorgeous! I can't believe that with having lived there plus my trios over, I've never made it to Wales! Next trip I neeeeeed to!