Friday, May 15, 2015

Wales: Holyhead

Teehee, I lied.  There are no castles on today's post.  Really though, when I made the comment at the end of the last post, I had forgotten that this one was coming up in all its no-castle glory.  So here we are at Holyhead!

Holyhead isn't on the island of Anglesey, but rather the nearby smaller Holy Island, so named because it's got a lot of ancient burial chambers and religious sites and I think for a long time it was associated with the Druids.

And here's a church for you, thus proving it's the holy island.  And also they have some gorgeous flowers.

Oooohhh.  I like the purple and that deep pink.

We drove out away from Holyhead to see a bit more of the island and found some pretty coastline.

We couldn't get down to the lighthouse though because there were a bunch of people filming a movie.  I can't remember the name of it, and in any case sometimes movie people put up a fake movie name to keep the lookie-loos away, like how one of the Star Wars movies was known in production as "Blue Harvest".

We did walk along the path for a bit just enjoying the scenery.

This is Elin's Tower, which dates to the 19th century.

And that's yours truly.

More pretty coastline shots...

And a closeup of the local fauna.

One more pic just for grins...

In case you were wondering what the Welsh language is like.  They like the letters G, W, Y, and double L's, and seem to have an aversion to vowels (though I think Y and W both function as vowels in Welsh).  And I reckon it's unpronounceable unless you grew up speaking it.

Cheers, peeps!  Next time I'm pretty sure there IS a castle.

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CCsMom said...

Wow, those are GORGEOUS shots!!! LOVE how you've taken those with the flowers in the foreground. Just beautiful!