Monday, June 29, 2015

New House (Again)

Lookit that, I do remember how to log in to Blogger ; )  Well, the hubs and I have moved house once again, and we're about 85% settled in Virginia.  There are still a few things to organize and put away, and we plan to do some painting, and we haven't put up anything on the walls yet, but how about a looksie anyway!

There's my little Vader, testing out how far he can get into the kitchen without getting in trouble.

This shot is dark because all the light was coming in from the window, but this is the breakfast nook area next to the kitchen.  It's painted a really pale yellow, which I actually like a lot.  The sliding door to the left leads out to a small patio where our grill is; this is actually the second floor.  We bought the sheer curtains to go over the window, it doesn't have blinds or anything in it.  I think we need one more panel though.

And here's the kitchen.  We've got a brand new fridge and dishwasher, and an old gas stove...I've managed to cook on it several times and haven't burned anything down yet so yay!  My only memories of a gas stove from when I was a kid all revolve around my mom impressing on me very strongly that I was to stay far, far away or suffer dire injury.  So yeah, I'm a little intimidated.  Anyway, this kitchen is larger than the one we had in Alabama (awesome) though not as big as the one we had in England (that kitchen was massive, I LOVED it).  It has really nice counter tops; not a color/pattern I would pick, but they're nice quality.  Need to fix some grout in the tile floor though.

Right next to the kitchen is the dining room (and the Vader), that's the kitchen counter to the right of Vader.  And to the left is the world's stupidest pony wall.

Doesn't serve any purpose whatsoever, and if this was our house we might tear it out but we can't do that in a rental.  So I put a wee bookshelf in there for all my cookbooks.

So we've been here about three weeks now and we've already painted a room!  We decided to paint the living room first, and we're going to do one room a month until we're finished.  Next month will be the dining room (just painting one accent wall) and the powder room, which somehow I didn't take a picture of.  It's gold and brown and seriously ugly.  Anyway, we (I) chose a color called Permafrost for the living room, it is a very, very pale blue.

Progress shot!  Actually we were almost done, we'd already taken a bunch of the tape off.

And here it is finished, though the step stool and Lee's shoes aren't permanent fixtures in here.  There is a column that we left white just to the right of the TV, and through a weird trick of the light it makes it look like that wall to the right (behind the bookshelf on the right edge of the picture) is white when it's really the same color blue as the other walls.

The apothecary cabinet nestles nicely in the nook formed by the stairs.

See, you can see the column and the paint color optical illusion in this pic too.

Not a great pic (it was getting dark when I took it), but this is the entryway (the front door faces that door on the right in this pic, which is a coat closet) and I love the shishi dogs and shogun helmet there.  We didn't paint the area up by the shishi dogs just because we figured it would be super painful to try to get up can't quite see it, but there are three steep steps going down so the coat closet and front door are a little lower than the living room, which makes it harder to get up to the area above the closet door.  I think I'd prefer it painted, but I'm okay with it like this.

This blue color is much, much more subtle than the one we used for the entryway in our England house, it's more grown-up I think and I'm in love with it.  At this point Lee just lets me pick paint colors and trusts me to pick good ones, which is a little bit nerve-wracking sometimes.  But I've already picked colors for the dining room, powder room, guest room, and computer room.  Still debating on colors for the other two bathrooms and the master bedroom.

Speaking of which, there it is.  And yep, I didn't make the bed before I took the pictures.  This master bedroom is MASSIVE.  Lee's dresser is on the left edge of this pic; next to it is a set of French doors leading to the master bathroom.

The guest room wasn't quite big enough to fit the guest bed and the dresser, so the guest room dresser is now in the master bedroom (and no longer has my tea in it, I found a whole cupboard for tea in the kitchen).  There's one big walk-in closet in the other corner of the room, so Lee and I are sharing a closet while we're here.  It's big enough that it's no problem.

And here's the guest room.  I DID make this bed and then we piled a bunch of picture frames on top of it : p  We still need to unwrap those and kinda start figuring out what to put where...I told Lee I thought we hung up too MUCH stuff in Alabama (trying to cover a terrible paint job) so even if we don't hang up everything, I want the house to breathe a little bit more here.  The plan is to paint this room a pale yellow like in the kitchen and breakfast nook.

There's the closet, which is already full : D  Not with clothes, this is where my scrapbooks live.  I didn't want them in the basement where they'd be stored so close to the garage since damp might get into them there.

And here's the computer room and the scrapbooks before I put them up in the guest room closet.

And the rest of the scrapbooks : p  

This room (I'm sitting in here as I type this) is the weirdest shade of brownish pink, and it's got a band of lighter pink trim above the beadboard.  Since the room is white on the bottom half, I'm going to go really bold in here and we're going to paint the top half of the walls BAYLOR GREEN.  I'll paint the lighter pink trim in white, and then try to find a yellow curtain to go over the window.  Very excited to see how it looks when it's done, might do this room in August since the dining room and powder room are going to be July's project.

Last pic for the day.  Sadie brought me her Nylabone the other day, wanting me to hold it for her while she chewed on it,  I didn't want to hold it for her so she left it in my shoe.  Love my girl.

You'll notice I didn't share pictures of the craft room...well, I'm not quite done organizing in there, so I'll share that later.  For now, it's time to go get to work for the day.  Cheers, peeps!


CCsMom said...

Wow, you've made LOTS of progress. Looks great!!! Can't wait to see it in person.

CCsMom said...

And Sadie's trick is pretty funny.

Thoughts by B and M said...

Baylor green! Baylor green! Baylor green! Lol! Love the yellow and the sheer panels in the first pics too! :-)