Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Great Wave Off Kanagawa, Parts 1-11

The surprise has finally been sprung so now I can share these pics on the ol' blog : )  Did anyone wonder why I hadn't posted cross stitching progress photos for the past year?  There was a reason.  I spent 11 months working on a birthday present for my mom, so here's the entire progression in one post.  Except the framing part, Mom has to get it framed and decide where to hang it up.

Part 1:  October 1, 2013.  At first I thought I'd be able to work on this concurrently with my other projects, but nope.  6,720 stitches in to 81,084 total (8.29%).  Actually I didn't remember that I started this that early.

Part 2:  November 5, 2013.  12,234 stitches done (15.09%).

Part 3:  1 December 2013.  14,778 stitches done (18.23%), and the start of the dreaded confetti.  Uh, at least half of this design was confetti.  It was eye-crossing, to say the least.

Part 4:  December 31, 2013.  19,092 stitches done (23.55%).  The first column of pages done.

Part 5:  November 8, 2014.  28,155 stitches done (34.72%).   What was I doing between December 2013 and November 2014?  I don't know.

Part 6:  December 1, 2014.  35,085 stitches done (43.27%).  By now I was taking this to the stitching group get-togethers in Alabama.

Part 7:  January 1, 2015.  39,458 stitches done (48.66%).  I start to panic that I won't get this done in time for Mom's birthday.  I decided to do all the bottom part of the design (so, where most of the confetti is) first because it was the hardest part and would take the longest, so then when it was crunch time I could go really fast on the sky.

Part 8:  February 1, 2015.  47,584 stitches done (58.68%).

Part 9:  March 1, 2015.  55,604 stitches done (68.58%).  Now we're cookin' with gas.

Part 10:  March 31, 2015.  67,323 stitches done (83.03%).   I start thinking that I'll get this done in time after all.

Part 11:  April 26, 2015.  81,084 stitches done (100%).  YAY.  The last day I worked on this was a total marathon, like no kidding I stitched for over 8 hours in a single day.  I actually finished it earlier than I thought I would!  And I'm so glad that I'm not staring at this anymore : )  This was never one of my favorite pieces of artwork, but Mom loves it and that's why I made it.  And now I'm back to working on other projects.

Happy birfday, Mom!


CCsMom said...

And it is SO, SO AWESOME!!! GREATNESS!!! I just LOVE it. Can't wait to see what it will look like framed. What do I love about this picture? Well, it shows the majesty of the ocean -- the strength and unpredictability, the vastness. See how it dwarfs Mt. Fuji in the background? I love the colors -- all the different blues. The method this picture was done in -- wood block print, is fascinating. I like how the leading edge of the wave is depicted in white foam curly-cues. There's just SO MUCH to like about this picture. And that doesn't even mention the work you did to recreate it in cross stitch. Don't you just love to take a blank piece of fabric and turn it into a work of art?!!! I was surprised on my 50th birthday with a peacock, and now again on my 60th birthday with the Great Wave. One thing for sure -- I have the most thoughtful daughter who would go to all sorts of trouble to make something special for her mama -- I am truly blessed!!1 I LOVE YOU!

Alexis said...

Beautiful work! I just got really back into cross-stitching and am working on a piece for my mom for Christmas! I had forgotten how much I love this craft!