Thursday, July 2, 2015

Old Car City, Part 2

Happy happy birthday to my mom!  Wish I was in Texas to celebrate with her today, but we'll be heading out there for a quick trip in a couple of weeks so she'll get her present then : )  In the meantime, I thought I'd post more pics from Old Car City.  Yeah, we went long time ago?

Note:  there is no passive-aggressive implication about my mom's age and all these rust buckets that I'm posting today.  Promise.  It's just fun to look at old rusty cars.

I liked the pseudo-license plate on this one.  What do you call those things, where if you live in a state where you don't have to have an actual license plate on the front so you can do something like this?

This Dodge is growing something green and furry.

I just love that '50s-style font.  Even if the "th" is doing a cartwheel.

I have no idea what this car part might possibly be, but I thought the coils looked fun.

You'd think the only bits of the cars that I saw were the decals and logos.

Oh hey look, a whole truck.  Lee probably took this one : p  I like my detail shots.

And the rust.  Love the rust.  OMG IS THAT A TICK.  Don't love the tick.

I know I took this one, 'cause it's crooked.  On purpose.

Oh hey, I also liked door handles.

And I took about 20 pictures of this one rusty bumper.

Same bumper as the pic above this one.  I was playing around with the focus and depth of field.

I told Lee when we quit being nomadic, I wouldn't mind if he wanted to get an old truck to fix up and make pretty.  (He says trucks aren't supposed to be pretty.)  The unfortunate thing is the ones I like the looks of are the really expensive ones, even for something that doesn't run.  A truck makes for a ridiculously jumbo-sized paperweight.

I love this pic.  I love how the chrome is spotless, but there's so much texture to the rust and peeling paint and mossy green whatever growing on it.

Not a door handle, that's one of those details on the side of the car that they used to have in the '50s.  I have no idea what they're called.

I thought "Georgia's Most Reliable" was pretty funny in this context.

I think Lee might have taken this one, because I don't remember taking it, but I love the perspective.

And I loved this taillight; I took probably at least a dozen pictures of it.

The S is for Snapdragon.  Or 'Stang, whatever.

'Nother fun taillight.

That curly bit on the left reminds me of a French horn.

Just some nice angles and textures.

I actually shot in full manual mode for this one, and it took me another couple dozen pictures to get what I wanted where you can see the light bulb inside the hole and the rest of the picture isn't blown out.  I'm rather proud of myself for this one.  It's easier to shoot in manual mode when your subjects aren't moving : D

I liked the bright green color on this car.

And this rusty Chevrolet tailgate finishes out our rusty car flashback for today.  I've got one more Old Car City post and I think a couple more Welsh castles, but hopefully next week I'll have some good pics of fireworks to share too.

Happy birthday Mom!!!

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CCsMom said...

Yeah, I FEEL like a rust bucket!!! Great photos. LOVE IT!!!