Saturday, July 18, 2015

Old Car City, Part 3

Well, since I posted some Old Car City pictures on my mom's birthday, it seems only fair that I share the end of them on my dad's birthday : )  Not to say that either of them is a rusty old wreck.  Just that I thought they'd appreciate pictures of some old rusty cars.

I like the texture in this one with all the rust and the peeling paint and the nice angles and I think Lee took it.  I never once imagined I'd get at all excited about taking pictures of rusty old cars...

Yeeeeahhhh I never got tired of taking pictures of the car model names and the cool fonts.

Cool taillights!

We found a Hudson Hornet like the old police car on Cars!  So I took a ton of pictures of it.

Nice perspective on this shot from Lee I think.

Right here at the end, we switched out our 35mm lens for the macro lens and kinda had some fun playing with that for only about the last twenty minutes we were there.  I would have liked to stay longer...the trouble is, the mosquitoes definitely wanted me to stay longer as an all-you-can-eat blood buffet.

Still playing with the macro lens, probably could have gotten even more up close and personal than this.

This was Lee's shot, he wanted that bit of orange in the background from an old sign.

I thought this bulldog hood ornament was kinda cool.

Oh!  Now we're on some pics that were taken on our phones.

And that's what Lee looked like when he was taking pictures.

Thought this one was really cool, it's another one of Lee's shots.

Old Car selfie!

One more selfie...

And I think these got out of order a bit at the end, not that it matters really.  But that's it from Old Car City!  Now we just need to find cool things in the DC area to take pictures of as soon as Lee's back in walking shape.  He took a tumble on the stairs today and hurt his foot; his toe is purple and he doesn't think he'll be running for a few days but he's okay.  Poor Lee.

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CCsMom said...

Lee ALREADY took a tumble on the stairs? Oh my gosh, and you have plenty of stairs. Scary. Dogs underfoot, too? Just have to be really careful.

Wow, the phone pics are nearly as good as the camera pics. That's what they are saying in touting the phones. AND I guess that's why camera sales have gone WAY DOWN. But great photos! Thanks for sharing!