Monday, August 24, 2015

Wales: Rhuddlan Castle

Enough is enough.  Today is the day, y'all:  we're finishing up the pictures from Wales.  Ya know, since it's been more than a year since our trip out there.  Our final stop was Rhuddlan Castle on our way back home.  Now, Welsh is like impossible to pronounce unless you're a native speaker (and even then I think it's tough), but if I read all the pronunciation guides right then a U sometimes sounds like an I as in "wit" and a DD sounds like a soft TH like in "there" (not like "thistle") so I THINK this is pronounced Rhithlan.  But I could be making that up.

There it is.  And also the clouds that chased us all the way back home; we got poured on for a good part of the drive that afternoon.  Anywha, Rhuddlan was completed in 1284, went through a few wars, and then was intentionally slighted in the English Civil War in 1648.

Kinda looks like people came in here to steal the stone from the castle but only as far up as they could reach without ladders.

There's a view from the castle down toward the river, isn't it pretty?

Just looking for some interesting angles on this one.

And you know how I like to take pictures through holes in walls : )

View inside one of the towers.

And here's a closeup of how some of the stones have weathered.  I think it's interesting how the mortar is still in pretty good shape but the stones themselves have been eaten away.

Lookit that handsome man!

Ok, one more shot of the stones...

...and another landscape.  I like the colors in this one.

There's the new staircase inside the tower, as seen through a hole in the wall.  Yep, Rhuddlan is a little too drafty for me to want to live there right now.

And there's our very last European castle selfie. 

For my next trick, I might actually get the pictures from Mount Vernon uploaded from the camera...

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CCsMom said...


Looks beautiful and the clouds really add a lot to the feel. That is really odd how the stone is all gone from the ground to 6' high. Seeing how some of it weathered, though, makes you wonder if maybe that was some kind of stone below that didn't weather so well. Just odd. Beautiful, nonetheless.

Love you!