Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rain Blossoms, Parts 4 & 5

Can you believe it's October already?  I love October.  I just wish we weren't stuck inside this weekend with endless rain...thanks a lot, Joaquin.  Seriously, it's been raining all week.  The Star Wars app on my phone said it's raining Jedi and bounty hunters.

But the upside to rainy weather is staying inside and cross stitching!  September's project was Rain Blossoms:

I do find it amusing that I'm hiding out from the rain by staying inside and stitching a picture of people out in the rain with umbrellas.  I'm really looking forward to having this one done and hanging on the wall in our living room.  Anyway, with all the secrecy about Mom's Great Wave picture, I never shared a picture of Part 4 of Rain Blossoms, so here's that first:

I did 10,897 stitches from Part 3 to Part 4, which was pretty huge.  (If you go to the bottom of this post and click the label that says "Rain Blossoms", it will take you to a page where you can see all the past stages.)  So here I was 52% done at the beginning of June.

And here's what it looks like now:

I only managed 7,024 stitches this time around, but given that the umbrellas are totally confetti-licious that really isn't too bad.  Here's a closeup of where I was working:

I'm now at 63% done (38,450 stitches out of 60,300) and since this is the smallest of my current Scarlet Quince projects, it should be the first one I finish.  Next time around I think I'll be able to get this umbrella finished and maybe get to a bunch of the bridge in the background, which should go much faster than the umbrella ;p

Cheers, peeps!  And stay dry.

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CCsMom said...

LOVELY. I am going to really like this when it is finished. Great job!!!