Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hey, y'all.  How's it going?  I still need to go through all our pictures from Ohio; there are a few in there that Lee and I are pretty excited about.  But let's go chronologically, which means this blog post is all about Monticello.

We actually went twice and it's a 2 1/2-hour drive each way.  This pic is just about the only one we took the first time, and it's also just about all we saw that day too.  (Sidebar:  this statue is at the top of a flight of stairs.  At first I caught it out of the corner of my eye, and I thought to myself "Why is Darth Vader at Monticello?" but then I figured out it wasn't Darth Vader.  I'm smart like that.  And also Darth Vader is much taller than Jefferson.)  We watched a 17-minute film about Thomas Jefferson and then headed up the stairs to catch the bus to the house, but then a thunderstorm rolled in and they won't let you go up the mountain if there's thunder.  We waited for an hour but it didn't clear up, so we had to come back a couple weeks later.

And the second time, we were there during Columbus Day weekend so we had to wait for a good 2 1/2 hours before our ticket time to tour the house.  We made good use of the gap though; had lunch at the Monticello cafe and walked around the grounds taking pictures.  It was a very nice day this time around, but a little bit chilly so Lee (who did not come prepared) had to buy himself a sweatshirt at the gift shop.  Anyway, a lot of the pictures are taken near Mulberry row, which isn't far from the main house and used to have things like a nailery and smokehouse and stuff, as well as gardens for both vegetables and flowers.

No offense to George Washington, he's got a nice view of the Potomac, but for Lee and me Jefferson's Monticello is prettier than Washington's Mount Vernon.  We haven't been to Madison's Montpelier, which is about 30 miles away from Monticello, but I'd like to check that out too.  Just to compare ; )

Some of the restored gardens and the views from up near the house.

We walked down the hill a ways to the Jefferson family cemetery; this is on the wrought iron fence around the graveyard.

The obelisk behind this gate is the memorial for Jefferson; most of his immediate family is buried under it.  

We walked all the way around the graveyard and I got distracted by rust.

Do I take pictures of weird things?  I just like pictures that have interesting angles and textures.  And I like detail shots of stuff.

And also macro floral photography.  I have no idea what this plant is.

I do recognize that one ; )

I just thought this might be an interesting photo.  A lot of the stuff in the garden was well past its summer prime but some of it still looked neat.

Dying sunflower.

I'm thinking those buildings aren't original to the 1700s but I don't know what they all are, either.

This is the back side of the main house at Monticello.  I tried to get a picture of the front, but they were running tour groups through every 5 minutes so there was never a time without a giant glob of people at the front door.

Another interesting plant.  They had this one at Mount Vernon, too.

And then I tried to get some interesting pics of the house with the plants in front.

Several different kinds of plants.

This is what happens when you focus on the plants instead of the house.

There's my hubs again : )

And the last shot of the day.  Wow, it's November, I need to start thinking of what we want to use in this year's calendars.

Cheers, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

That last photo looks like balloons floating up. Pretty cool. It is a gorgeous house. Does it have furniture in it? I don't like to go on tours of homes WITHOUT furniture. It just throws everything off for me. Plus it's more personal if there's still furniture to look at.