Thursday, November 19, 2015

Yoder's Amish Home

Hey kids, I'm back with the penultimate Ohio post.  On Saturday afternoon the weekend we were in Ohio, we went to Yoder's Amish Home.  Apparently Yoder is a pretty common last name in the Amish community.

It was cloudy and overcast for most of the day, and we even got a tiny little snow flurry that night on our way back to the B&B after dinner.

We arrived at the farm kinda close to the end of the day; our tour of the barn and houses was one of the last ones of the day.  They do buggy rides too, but we didn't opt to do that.

Quite the selection of produce here, how do you like that warty one in front?

Our tour started off in the barn, and the older gentleman who was the tour guide for that part explained about the different kinds of animals they keep.  This is Sally, she's a Belgian draft horse and she works in the fields.  They use a different breed of horse for pulling the buggies.

This dude was standing around giving editorial comments until the tour guide shooed him off.

Ahh, baby pygmy goat!  I die from the cute.  Seriously, this lil guy is probably not even as tall as my dogs, and just the cutest thing ever.  I got to pet him and he nibbled on my fingers, which tickled.  I also got to pet a litter of puppies, who are also the cutest thing ever.

Sally again, because she's pretty.

There's our tour guide and a baby donkey who didn't want to go back in his pen, he wanted to say hi to all the people.

And there's me going down the barn to greet the buggy horses.

There's the outside of the barn (duh).  We had to wait for a couple of minutes before the house tour started so Lee had time to take a couple pics.

And I drew his attention to this kitty in the drain pipe.  I think I actually got a pretty good shot of her on my phone, but I need to figure out how to download pics from my phone onto the computer.

The barn again, and also flowers.

So, there were two Amish houses that we toured--kind of more replica houses really, but this is the stove we saw in the first house.  That's kind of an amazing piece of furniture.  We went to this big hardware store while we were in Ohio and I saw LOTS of stoves like this for sale.  They look pretty awesome but I'm not at all sure I'd want one.  Oh, the hardware store also had these really awesome giant furnaces that are like three feet wide and five feet tall and one of those I might want because I bet it's all toasty warm but I'm sure it weighs an absolute ton and where would I put it?

Pretend Amish mom & dad's bedroom with a nice quilt on the bed, and some examples of Amish clothing on the walls.  The clothing is different depending on which sect you belong to; some of the strictest sects don't allow you to have buttons on your clothes so women's dresses are held closed with straight pins.  Which sounds not fun to me.

Mom's sewing machine is almost always in the living room so she can spend time with family while working on her projects in the evenings.  Because all the guys get to relax, but Mom has to keep working.  If Mom is a really messy seamstress though her machine might be tucked away in a corner though.

Hey, there's a little furnace like what I was talking about.  The one I liked in the hardware store though was about twice this size and all shiny.

Last pic from the Amish house:  Amish dolls don't have faces, because of the stricture in the Bible about graven images.  I would think that it might encourage more imagination in the child playing with the doll too, though I kinda think they're a little bit creepy.

And here's a pic of our room at the B&B.

Not great quality pictures, but I wanted to share them anyway.  And there's Juan on the chair in the corner.

I've got just one more post of Ohio pictures to go unless I can figure out how to download pictures from my phone.  And most of the bestest pics are in that last post : )

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CCsMom said...

Very picturesque there, wasn't it? Seems peaceful. Very nice. I know you would like living around the animals!