Friday, December 25, 2015

NYC: 5th Avenue & Rockefeller Center

After Central Park, we had dinner on our tour bus (which was actually, surprisingly, really good--boxed sandwiches that were fabulous except they were totally huge and I wished I could finish mine but I only ate half) and then our next stop was 5th Avenue.  I think we had like two hours or something on this stop, and the whole group of 25 or so just split up according to what they wanted to go look at.  We walked down 5th Avenue and then over to Rockefeller Center.

More shop windows.

Poseidon made of pearls.  No, really.  Click on the pic to see it bigger--he's all pearls.

And of course Poseidon has a diamond sea turtle.

I couldn't get rid of the glare on the windows so I kinda tried to make it work for me on this one.  The kinda starburst bit is reflected lights from across the street.

Decoration on the corner of a building.

And there's the lights that were reflected in the window a couple s hots back.

Harry Winston.

Nope, I didn't skip around; it looks darker depending on which direction you're facing, so to the right it already looked like night had fallen but to the left you could still see daylight.

Sunset on 5th Avenue.  Yep, Lee took this shot from the middle of 5th Avenue (fear not, he waited for the stoplight and only stayed in the street while it was okay to cross, so he wasn't in much danger of getting run over).

That yellow smear on the bottom of the pic?  It's a cab.

There's another one in front of this pretty church.

There was a HUGE crowd in front of this; Lee managed to get several photos just because he's tall and could see over other people because we couldn't get anywhere close.  This is the side of a building all done up with lights and they do an entire light show set to music.  But it was INSANE how many people were crowded in front of it so we gave up pretty fast and went elsewhere.

So at Rockefeller Plaza (that's what it's called, right?  In front of Rockefeller Center where they do the tree?) there were these guys yelling very authoritatively for people to get out of the street so at first we thought they were cops.  Nope, they were just trying to get people to move and then pay them $15 so they would take your picture in front of the lights and tree and print it out right there.  Never mind that everyone else had cameras and were trying to take their own pictures.

There you can see some of the zoo we were in.

The dude who organized this whole trip had told us on the bus about the giant Christmas ornaments across from Radio City Music Hall, so as we're walking down the street I asked Lee (in a really loud voice) "So hey, where are those giant balls again?  I wanna see the giant balls..."

We were trying to cross the street to head back to where the bus was picking us up and I got distracted by this building because it's the same color as the TARDIS so Lee crossed the street and realized I wasn't with him when he got to the other side.  Oops.

But it was pretty!

The top of the Chrysler Building doesn't look super shiny at night.  But it's pretty.

If you've watched Ghostbusters even half as often as I have, you recognize this lion.

One more shop window, and a polar bear on a cupcake just for cutesies.

One more New York post to do...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NYC: Central Park

Hey y'all, I'm back with more New York pictures.  After our brief stop at Macy's, the tour bus dropped us off at Central Park for about an hour and a half.  So we got with the picture takin'.

This one's for Missy.  Sic 'em bears!

Aaand there's Central Park.  Well, part of it anyway.

And there's some of the huge buildings that were right next to the park.

Before now, my only experience with Central Park was whatever I'd seen on movies or TV (uh, I just watched Elf, but the day we were there I did not see Santa Claus or the Central Park Rangers).  So I didn't really expect these giant rock formations, but they were pretty cool.  And here are our friends Audra and Frank...Audra is also the one who talked me into spending several days in an alligator-infested swamp.  Be careful kids, she has magical powers of persuasion.

And there's me and my hubby.

Selfie on top of the rock with only one little photo bomber.

We walked all around the ice skating rink; I was trying to get pictures where the skaters were blurred for an action shot.  One or two of them came out really, really blown out so this was the closest I could get to what I wanted.  But hey, I tried.

This dude was making the world's largest bubbles for the delight of small children and also for tips.  He politely "requested" that we leave a donation if we took pictures of him.  Which we did.

I took quite a few pictures of this dude and the bubbles.  I love the colors and the reflection on the giant bubble.

Audra was trying to get a picture of Frank's face through a bubble and wouldn't you know, I actually did it.  If you click on the picture, you can see he's even kinda sorta smiling.

I just like the colors and reflection on this bubble.

Frank should know by now, if he makes a funny face while my camera is pointed in his direction, it will go on the blog for all three of my blog readers to see.

Still had some pretty fall colors in the park, gotta love that weeping willow tree.

This was one of my favorite shots of the day, just a quick snap as we were starting to head back to the tour bus.

We attempted to get a pic of the four of us on another giant rock, but it was backlit too much to get a really good shot.

And last pic, I just liked the top of this building.  More soon, peeps.  Cheers!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

NYC: Macy's

Because I don't have enough to do between now and the end of the year (yeah right), I'm going to try to get our New York pictures blogged before 2016 arrives.  Wish me luck, and check out the first installment.

It was about a 2-hour drive from Frank and Audra's cabin to the meetup point in Secaucus, New Jersey, and from there we loaded up on a tour bus with about 20 other photographers to ride into New York City.   And we noticed immediately that the four of us are probably a good two decades younger than everyone else who was on the trip.  But anyway, our first stop was Macy's to check out the decorations and window displays.

Pretty much the first thing we saw.

So Lee and I have a lot of experience photographing castles and historic monuments in Europe.  Shop display windows, not so much...and it is HARD to get a good shot with no glare.  *sigh* I need more urban photography practice I think.  I've been feeling photographically uninspired since we moved back to the States.

Anyone know these people?  And also that angle is so not flattering.

Here's one with just a little bit of glare on it.

And if I could have gotten rid of the glare in this shot, I would have liked it pretty well.  So frustrated with my window photography, we went inside to check out the decorations in Macy's.  And apparently New Yorkers are used to that because no one said anything about it.

We only had about 45 minutes to take pictures in this area, which might sound like a lot of time but it flew by really fast.  They had a few of these giant snow-globe-y kind of decorations that we saw on the first floor.

It rotates.  See Santa and his sleigh on this side?

More ceiling decorations...

And the whole line of them.  Lee likes the exposure set low on the camera, and I brightened this up a lot on the computer but it still seems a little dark.

We decided to walk through Macy's a bit and exit through a different door, and at that end of the store they had a little area of decorations set up to be kind of woodsy.

The owl was animatronic; it turns its head periodically to look in different directions.   There was a squirrel too on another "tree".

Lee took this one on his iPhone, kind of interesting to me how this one looks much more silver as opposed to the ones we took on the big camera.

So that was our first stop in New York.  More to come soon!