Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chocolate Mecca of the United States

Weekend before last, our friend Audra invited us to come up to Pennsylvania for the weekend and stay at the cabin she and her husband Frank own, and the four of us did a day trip to New York to take pictures of Christmas lights.  Well, Lee and I had some time on Saturday before we could meet up with Frank and Audra, so we went to Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Because chocolate, duh.

Yep, we're in the right place.

Oh, definitely the right place.  So Chocolate World is one big building where you can buy all kinds of chocolate and chocolate-related schtuff, plus they sell tours where you can make your own candy bar (maybe we'll do this one next time) or do a chocolate tasting (we did that one) or take a trolley tour of the town (we didn't do that one).

Not sure how I feel about anthropomorphized candy.  Because I just want to eat the chocolate, I don't want it to have a face.  Unless it's a chocolate Easter bunny, I'll eat those.

Who knew there was a Hershey's Kisses Barbie doll?

Fun fact we learned:  Hershey's Kisses were hand-wrapped until 1921.

Had to take a picture of this for my mom; the baby bib has the Hershey's bar logo and says "I'm drooling!" underneath it.  Mom has a baby picture from when she had her very first chocolate bar and she has melted chocolate all over her face and a big ol' grin.  Or so I've heard.  I have yet to see this picture.

Apparently they build a big chocolate house every year for Christmas out of Hershey's products.  There's Hershey's Kisses and Hugs (lots of them), the walls are Cookies 'n' Cream bars, and the roof is regular Hershey's bars.

And giant Hershey's Kisses to line the roof.

I'd say I want a chocolate house but that would be a lie.  It would melt in the summertime if it made it that long, because I'd be snacking on the house every day.  And if I was snacking on the house then it would get drafty in the wintertime.

I want all the candy!  Okay really, we actually didn't buy any.  We did eat lunch here though (and real food, not dessert food).  I had a turkey dinner which was pretty good, and Lee had a pulled pork sandwich that was messy which probably means it was good.  And they had chocolate barbecue sauce, which tastes like regular barbecue sauce but with a chocolate aftertaste which is kind of odd.

Lee's favorite of the Hershey's products.

They have a free ride you can do that tells you how cacao is harvested and processed and turned into all the yummy goodness.  And there are singing cows, because reasons.

After the ride and lunch, we had the chocolate tasting experience so I took more pics of the chocolate house while we waited for that to start.

The chocolate tasting experience only gets you a Hershey's Kiss and four tiny pieces of candy.  But it was kind of fun to sit around and think about what makes chocolate the best food on Earth.

Tried to take a selfie on the ride and this was the best I got.  : p

Next pics will be from New York if I can ever get time to go through them!  I'm hoping to get them all posted by New Year's since they are Christmas specific.  Cheers, y'all!

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CCsMom said...

I love Reece's peanut butter cups, too!!!

I will show you that photo. It is in my baby book. I look at it and think, "Mom, you had NO IDEA what you were unleashing with that first Hershey bar."

Right before I logged onto your blog, I went to my closet here at work and got 5 Hershey kisses, so that was appropriate!!!

Love you!!! Yummy! I am jealous.