Saturday, December 19, 2015

NYC: Macy's

Because I don't have enough to do between now and the end of the year (yeah right), I'm going to try to get our New York pictures blogged before 2016 arrives.  Wish me luck, and check out the first installment.

It was about a 2-hour drive from Frank and Audra's cabin to the meetup point in Secaucus, New Jersey, and from there we loaded up on a tour bus with about 20 other photographers to ride into New York City.   And we noticed immediately that the four of us are probably a good two decades younger than everyone else who was on the trip.  But anyway, our first stop was Macy's to check out the decorations and window displays.

Pretty much the first thing we saw.

So Lee and I have a lot of experience photographing castles and historic monuments in Europe.  Shop display windows, not so much...and it is HARD to get a good shot with no glare.  *sigh* I need more urban photography practice I think.  I've been feeling photographically uninspired since we moved back to the States.

Anyone know these people?  And also that angle is so not flattering.

Here's one with just a little bit of glare on it.

And if I could have gotten rid of the glare in this shot, I would have liked it pretty well.  So frustrated with my window photography, we went inside to check out the decorations in Macy's.  And apparently New Yorkers are used to that because no one said anything about it.

We only had about 45 minutes to take pictures in this area, which might sound like a lot of time but it flew by really fast.  They had a few of these giant snow-globe-y kind of decorations that we saw on the first floor.

It rotates.  See Santa and his sleigh on this side?

More ceiling decorations...

And the whole line of them.  Lee likes the exposure set low on the camera, and I brightened this up a lot on the computer but it still seems a little dark.

We decided to walk through Macy's a bit and exit through a different door, and at that end of the store they had a little area of decorations set up to be kind of woodsy.

The owl was animatronic; it turns its head periodically to look in different directions.   There was a squirrel too on another "tree".

Lee took this one on his iPhone, kind of interesting to me how this one looks much more silver as opposed to the ones we took on the big camera.

So that was our first stop in New York.  More to come soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the ps you've posted so far, especially the second one. :)

CCsMom said...

You know, it seems like when we got our fancy camera 30 some-odd years ago, there was a filter that you could put on the face of the lens that helped with the glare -- "polarizing filter?!!!" Not sure. But maybe you need something like that.

Anyway, it seems like this would have been a fun time for sure! I enjoyed New York at Christmas when I went my one and only time with Robin. Love ya!