Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lucky Number 13

Happy anniversary to my very favoritest person in the entire world, my awesome husband Lee!  I loves you to pieces, darling.

Last week, we did a road trip through New England, spending time in Boston, Salem (sadly disappointing), Kennebunkport, and leaf peeping around New Hampshire, which is where we took this picture.  This is the first time that Lee has ever done that proprietary hand-on-the-belly thing since I got pregnant, and for some reason I find that hilarious.

The road trip was pretty much our anniversary celebration, so today we're just going out for dinner together.  Sounds perfect to me!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rain Blossoms, Part 7

Okay, so I'm a week late in posting May's cross stitch project progress photo, but here it is at last!  May's project was Rain Blossoms:

And here's mine:

I did 7,791 stitches in May, for a grand total of 53,400 done (88.5%!) and just 6,900 more to go, so I decided to keep working on this for June and see if I can finish it off.  Since I took this photo, I've already made some great progress on that last umbrella and pretty soon I'll be down to working on just one page.  I'm not sure I'll be able to get it done this month though, that traily vine stuff is a LOT of confetti and takes forever, but by golly I'm gonna try.

But right this minute I need to go get a roast in the crock pot or we ain't having dinner tonight.  Cheers, Ma!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Accolade, Part 11

Well kids, it's time once again for a cross stitch progress post.  April's project was The Accolade:

And here's what I've got:

I decided to do an extra-giantous picture today : p  This time around I only did 6,830 stitches, nowhere close to last time when I managed over 10,000, but we were out of town for a week so I suppose that's not too bad.  Plus that belt and the folds in her skirt took for.ev.er.  She doesn't have hands yet, which I admit is a bit on the creepy side but not nearly as creepy as when Eilonwy's eye was floating in space.  Anyway, I'm now at 48.86% done so not quite to 50% which is what I'd been hoping for but I'll get over it.  73,291 stitches down, 76,709 to go!  Oh wait, it sounds depressing when I put it like that.

Well, I need to go pick up dog food and go hit the gym.  I was supposed to go to kickboxing this morning but Sadie gave me puppy dog eyes and begged to go walk, so I did that instead--it's been raining so much lately I figured we'd better go while it was only misting.  The toes of my shoes are still wet.

Cheers, y'all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Eilonwy, Part 11

Lee was surfing the 'Net on his phone yesterday and said, "Man, this chick never updates her blog!" and it was mine.  Well, here's a new blog post!  Since we were gone all last week I haven't done my monthly cross stitch update.  March's project was Eilonwy, a.k.a. Take the Fair Face of Woman:

Reference picture, and here's what mine looks like now:

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!  I'm almost 3/4 of the way done now, so exciting.  I really didn't want to put this one down.  Anywha, I did 10,157 stitches last month, for a grand total of 89,782 and 71.26% DONE DONE DONESKY.  I have about half a page to finish up just by her shoulder, and then there's one more row of full pages and then a row of just 20 stitches and the whole piece will be finished.  Very exciting.  I've done more stitches on this than any of my other projects, even though the Great Wave is completely done it only took 81.084 stitches to finish.  I'll probably get close to 100,000 stitches done on this the next time it comes up in the rotation.  And sometime soon I'll have to figure out where on Earth I would put her when she's all done and framed...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

DC Cherry Blossoms

Ya know, since we moved back Stateside, there's been a distinct lack of cool photos to share on the old blog.  I think my photo mojo stayed behind in Europe.  But anyway, a couple of weeks ago (on March 19th, since when I eventually get around to scrapbooking these photos I'll want to know the date), Lee and I went up to DC early in the morning to meet up with some friends and try to get some cherry blossom pictures.  Not a whole lot was in full bloom when we went, but on the up side that meant that it wasn't crazy crowded and ridiculous.

My first photo of the day:  I checked it out on the camera screen, literally growled at the camera, and then moved on to something else because it came out all blurry.  Lee likes it though, he says it kinda looks like an Impressionist painting.

Full view of the tree which gave me the blurry close-up.

We walked a little ways down to the Tidal Basin (that is what it's called, right?  Right there where the Jefferson Memorial is?  I don't know, I wasn't in charge of where we were going) and then did the full loop around it.

See, we saw a lot of buds and not as many fully bloomed flowers.  Oddly, the buds are much pinker than the blossoms...you'll see.

Like right there.  I do like how the background turned out in this one.

I tried to get some pictures of the blossoms with the local landmarks to prove these are DC cherry blossoms and not flowers from someplace else.  But our Japan cherry blossom pictures are much better, we had a clear day there :p

I caught this shot of Frank in the wild ;)

Like my purple scarf?  My mommy made it for me.  Like my bright green jacket?  Lee got it for me so he could find me more easily because he says I have a tendency to wander off.  Whatever.

I'm not really sure what kind of tree this is, maybe some kind of magnolia?  It was blooming with much greater abandon than the cherry trees, anyway.

In fact, I think my favorite shots from this day are the possibly-magnolia ones.

I like the veins on the petals.

And the curves on the twig holding up the blossoms.

I took a lamp post picture in New York that I really liked, but this one isn't as good.  Oh well.

Lee's pic of the Washington Monument.

And I think this is my pic of the Jefferson Memorial.

I just liked the weird shape of this tree, it leans over at such an extreme angle and it looks gnarled and cool.

This is one of Lee's pics of the Jefferson Memorial.

That one too.  After we made the full circuit, we went back to our cars and then Frank and Audra's friends had made a reservation at a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria so we went there for a late breakfast.

Audra took this picture of me and Lee at the restaurant, I love it.  Lee had her take another one where it doesn't look like I'm half-strangling him to keep him from escaping me, but I like this one better : D

So that was our first year of DC cherry blossoms.  The weather was weird here--it warmed up enough that the trees started to bud, but then it froze over again and the trees got all confused.  Maybe next year will be better...

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Snapdragon's 2016 Oscars Fashion Police

Every year, Mom and I like to compare notes on what we thought of Oscars fashion.  I don't really care who wins what award, I just wanna see what they're wearing.  So are you ready for this year's Fashion Police?  I picked 30 ladies from the E! Online gallery because men's clothes are boring.  The ones I liked least are at the top, the ones I liked best are at the bottom, but the middle part isn't necessarily in much of an order because it's a bunch of things that I liked okay but didn't lurve.  So let's go.

What the WHAT, Amy Poehler.  Uh, this looks like my great-grandmother's big comfy bathrobe.

Kerry Washington:  It's like motorcycle chick on top and kinda slutty bride on the bottom.  Does a slit need to go up high enough for TV viewers to do a pelvic exam?

Isn't Heidi Klum supposed to know from fashion?  I don't like the cutout, I don't like the one-sleeve, and the gauzy material makes this look like a 1970s prom reject but in an Easter color.

Maybe this one should have gone at the top.  Again, I don't like the cutout in the middle, I think Rooney Mara needs to wear some color.  But not that lip color, that and her hair are way too harsh.

I don't really know who Sandy Powell is, I think she's a costume designer, in which case this outfit is lookin' pretty FIERCE.  But I don't think anyone else could sell it.

So, all the guys have like 95% of their skin covered and the women show up in something like this.  You fail, Olivia Wilde.  I don't think the neckline is doing anything for her...a.) it's not really close to her neck so does it really qualify as a neckline and b.) it looks like her poor chest is squished down and I bet there's tape involved.

Lady Gaga isn't on top of the worst-dressed list, so progress.  The top of this is pretty flattering, but the pants/skirt thing is a bit odd.  But better than a meat dress.

Not a fan of Jennifer Lawrence's dress.  I don't like that dirty dishwater color on the top, or the skirt.  Actually I don't like any of it.  But her makeup is nice...

I think the plunging neckline on Charlize Theron's gown is too plungy to be classy.  Side boob shouldn't be a thing, y'all.

Jennifer Garner doesn't look like she's having much fun in this asymmetric black dress.  I miss the purple feathers she had a couple years ago.

Olivia Munn gets points for choosing this bright orange color that's different from everyone else on the red carpet, and her lipstick color is also perfect for this dress.  I like that the top of this is a little bit different but it's still pretty streamlined and classy.

I think there's jut a little too much happening on the top of Patricia Arquette's dress, but her hair and makeup are on point and the color looks lovely on her.

Daisy Ridley (from the new Star Wars movie) looks just ever-so-slightly casual in this silver frock, I think it feels more casual to me because it's not ballgown length.  But great lip color again and I love all her silver accessories--that bracelet, chunky ring, and glitzy shoes.

Emily Blunt is pregnant, right?  Because she looks pregnant and adorbz in this dress.

I am digging the soft watercolor element on Isla Fisher's dress, and that metallic belt.  Great job, Isla.

Kate Winslet was on the Worst-Dressed List at E! Online but I disagree.  I think this dress is out of some kind of highly reflective fabric and I think it looks cool and not like she's wearing a giant rubber hose, which is kinda what they said.  I think she looks curvy and gorgeous.

Whoopi Goldberg is here showing us how to dress if you're not a Hollywood twig.  Though I kinda miss the wild hats she used to wear on Star Trek:  The Next Generation, she's looking pretty fab here.

I want to like Rachel McAdams' dress, I really do, but it's just not working for her.  I think the cut is all wrong on her--the way the top is done it seems to accentuate her ribcage rather than her curves...actually it makes it look like she needs a sandwich.  And again with the too-high slit.

Saoirse Ronan is slightly more successful in this dress.  Similar color but it seems to fit her body type better than Rachel's.  I'd like it if her hair looked more finished though.

Robin Roberts is looking FIERCE in this and I love it.  The halter top on this is much more flattering than Rachel McAdams' dress (sorry Rachel).

Isn't Lara Spencer the host of Flea Market Flip on HGTV?  Not sure why she's at the Oscars but I do love her dress.  A.) fabulous color and b.) love the twisty knot detail.  And her hair is loose but it looks great and not like an afterthought.

Cate Blanchett was the only one who really stood out to Mom.  I like the color on this dress, I think it's working on her, and she's got a plunging neckline without giving everything away.  I read some of the reviews of this dress on E!, and I think maybe they have a point where it looks better from farther away because close-up it looks like craft feathers.  But I like how it looks in this pic.

Margot Robbie came in costume as an Oscar.  I like the dress, I really do, and the plunging neckline on this one is still on the positive side of classy, but I feel like she needs a little more...something.  Something different with her hair, some statement jewelry, something.  But I like the dress.

Reese Witherspoon looks lovely in purple, but I don't dig that peplum thing peeking out behind her right arm.  Or is it a giant bow on her butt?  This is the only picture I have of this dress, so I don't know.  But she gets an A+++ for hair, makeup, and jewels.

Sorry Reese, but I like Tina Fey's purple dress better than yours :)  However, if I was her stylist, instead of the giant chunky necklace I would have done some kind of jewels in her hair and a bracelet.

Here's Julianne Moore with another plunging neckline (that must be The Thing this year) but hers doesn't go to her navel and the decorative beaded straps add some oomph.  I like it.  And also the A-line skirt.

Alicia Vikander did something different on the red carpet, and I like it.  I like that she's the only one I saw in yellow and she's the only one with a bubble hem dress too.  Not sure I would wear one, but it looks cute on her and the yellow looks good on her.

I admit, I don't know who Brie Larson is but I have to give her a shout-out for this gorgeous dress.  Classy and fabulous!  Love the royal blue and the wide fancy belt.

Usually I like color (and lots of it) but this dress on Maria Menounos is totally stunning.  I like the pattern in the fabric, she's working the silver (which I can't because of my skintone) and she just looks fabulous.

And my favorite dress of the evening:  Naomi Watts.  I love how the beads are a bit iridescent so you see different colors from different angles; one of the other pictures I saw of this dress, the skirt made her look like a mermaid.  Which is a good thing in this case.  Naomi Watts, you win the Snapdragon 2016 Oscars Fashion Police.  : D