Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowmageddon, Part 2: Snowbear

Hey kids, we're still snowed in, but I think we might actually be able to leave the house tomorrow : )  But it was lovely to have a five-day weekend with Lee for my 8th annual 29th birfday!  So on Sunday (my birthday), Lee asked what I wanted to do, and I wanted...to build a snowbear.

Ya know what, Lee edited the pics I'm sharing today so they're darker and blue-er than if I had done them.  Weird.  Anyway, we didn't put arms on our snowbear, so I provided one for the sic 'em bears picture.  YOU'RE WELCOME, MISSY!

We had to work VERY hard to get this family photo with both dogs kinda sorta looking in the right direction and actually sitting.  I'm holding Sadie's collar because she's a flight risk.

And that's how tall the snowdrift was in the common area behind our townhouse.  I scraped down the snow where I'm standing until I got down to the grass, so I'm at ground level and the rest of that is snow.  Lots and lots and lots of snow.

And because Lee is a guy, he wanted me to take a picture of him doing a flying kick in the direction of the snowbear, which apparently activated Sadie's BatDog radar because look how cute she is with those ears.  Fear not though, the snowbear is still intact (though I didn't leave his accessories out there with him, so he's a naked eye-less and nose-less snowbear).

After we built the snowbear, we went back inside and Lee made me pumpkin pancakes for my birthday dinner.  Had I been thinking clearly I woulda said to add a cup of white chocolate chips to them, but alas I didn't think of it until he'd made all the pancakes.  Next time though, there will be white chocolate.  Oh yes, there will.

Our street was plowed yesterday, and Lee has cleared off the driveway enough to get my car out should the need arise, but for now he's still off work.  Hoping that things settle down by Thursday so I can still fly out to Texas.  In the meantime, stay toasty, peeps!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowmageddon, Part 1

So you might have heard about that itsy-bitsy snowstorm currently hanging out over the East Coast.  Ya know, no big.

It started snowing here around 12:30 or 1:00 yesterday afternoon, and hasn't stopped since.  Above pic is our second-story back patio area, and it took a while for snow to accumulate on it at the start because the boards have a gap between them so at first snow was falling through the gaps.  But wait till you see the ground...

Oh yeah, this was Sadie and Vader's first time to go out today, so we took a couple of Milk Bones and tossed them into the snow.  *evil grin*

Sadie was all over it, and Vader was like NO.  Which is funny, considering Vader is the one who so loves his food.

Sadie butt!  She did eventually dig the biscuit out.

Oh yeah, that's a lot of snow.

We don't have a snow shovel, so Lee moved the snow with our big push broom and eventually used a regular shovel to try to clear a path out to the gate.

Sadie loooooooooooves snow.  She eats it.  She likes the type of snow that's a little crunchy like a snow cone.  This snow is all fluffy soft stuff so you sink right into it when you try to walk anywhere.  She still ate it ; )

Vader is much less thrilled with all of this white stuff.

But he sure is cute : )

After Lee got the gate open, he snow-swam out into the common area and called Sadie.  It was hilarious watching her kangaroo-bop through the snow, we need to take a video next time we go out.  And by the way, while we were out doing this at 8:30 this morning, it was still coming down.  And it still is now at 11:00.

White snow freckles : )

I just like this one of Say-Say.

Action shot of Vader!  I think Lee was throwing snowballs at him.  But the snow doesn't compact, so the snowballs would kind of fall apart mid-air.

Oh, but Sadie got one!


I did trudge out quite a ways to get to the street, and I could only tell when I'd reached the street because of where the speed limit sign is.  Sadie went out with us, she's smart enough to follow right in our wake instead of making her own path for the most part.  Vader is even smarter, he stayed at the house.

Sadie was all about the snow until she realized there was no grass to be seen for her to do her business.  She did eventually find a patch of grass but I think this is a bit much snow, even for Snow Bunny Sadie.

I had fun with it though :)  Like I said, I think we'll try to take some videos next time we let the kids out.  Until then, hot tea for everyone!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Accolade, Part 10

So here it is January 13th and I'm just now getting my cross stitch post up.  Oops.  Well, despite December being a very busy month, I did manage to make some great progress on The Accolade.

And here's what mine looks like now:

I did 10,196 stitches, and I'm at about 44% finished (66,461 out of 150,000).  If I keep going at this rate, the next time it comes up in the rotation I'll finally hit the halfway point.  Which is exciting and slightly depressing at the same time.

There's a closeup of where I was working.  I was right the last time I posted about this piece, the curtain and chair behind the lady went much faster than she herself did, even though there were still a lot of color changes.  So next time I'll finish up the chair cushion and then get to work on her dress, which should be fun.  I'm looking forward to getting back to the far right because I have so many little stitches hanging out there in a vast sea of unfinished-ness and I like solid blocks of done-ness.  Hee.

I've been hard at work on January's project since the new year started so maybe I'll actually get that cross stitch post up closer to the start of February.  For now though, I have two adorable doglets who want to go for a walk even though it's literally freezing outside.  Cheers, peeps!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYC: Dyker Heights

Well, I meant to finish out the New York pictures before the end of the year but I didn't quite make it.  So here's my last little post...our last stop on the photography trip was to Dyker Heights, which is a neighborhood in Brooklyn.  If you wanted to see pictures of houses to make your own Christmas decorating skillz seem ridiculously inferior, you've come to the right place.

And we're starting with a cute polar bear for Sarah, who never decorates for Christmas because she's Jewish.  But she loves polar bears so I think of her every time I see one.

I edited the exposure and the shadow protection on pretty much all of the pictures for today...is it just me or does this reindeer look like a Patronus?

See, now this gives you an idea of what most of the houses looked like in all their...glory.  Yeah, glory.  I wonder how much higher their electricity bills are in December versus any other month...

I do like pictures like this with lines of things.  Call it a quirk.

And some wee Christmas trees!

Quite a few of the houses had small signs hidden somewhere in the goop that said they were "professionally decorated".  We were there the first weekend in December, and while we were out taking pictures we did see a crew of guys working on one house.

I like how the lights in the background look on this shot, but I wish the ornament were brighter because the lights behind it are stealing the show.

How long does it take even a crew of 4 to 6 people to do up a house like this?  I mean, most people call it good if they wrap a few loops of lights around the trunk of the tree, but this one they went all out.

If you like those big inflatable yard whoozits, this is the house for you.

Last pic, this one is more understated compared to the rest of the neighborhood, but I am liking its simple red and white color combination.

So that's it (finally) for the New York pictures...I need to do a cross stitching post next but it will probably be a couple days before I get to it.  LOTS of things happening this week!

Cheers, y'all!  And happy new year!