Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYC: Dyker Heights

Well, I meant to finish out the New York pictures before the end of the year but I didn't quite make it.  So here's my last little post...our last stop on the photography trip was to Dyker Heights, which is a neighborhood in Brooklyn.  If you wanted to see pictures of houses to make your own Christmas decorating skillz seem ridiculously inferior, you've come to the right place.

And we're starting with a cute polar bear for Sarah, who never decorates for Christmas because she's Jewish.  But she loves polar bears so I think of her every time I see one.

I edited the exposure and the shadow protection on pretty much all of the pictures for it just me or does this reindeer look like a Patronus?

See, now this gives you an idea of what most of the houses looked like in all their...glory.  Yeah, glory.  I wonder how much higher their electricity bills are in December versus any other month...

I do like pictures like this with lines of things.  Call it a quirk.

And some wee Christmas trees!

Quite a few of the houses had small signs hidden somewhere in the goop that said they were "professionally decorated".  We were there the first weekend in December, and while we were out taking pictures we did see a crew of guys working on one house.

I like how the lights in the background look on this shot, but I wish the ornament were brighter because the lights behind it are stealing the show.

How long does it take even a crew of 4 to 6 people to do up a house like this?  I mean, most people call it good if they wrap a few loops of lights around the trunk of the tree, but this one they went all out.

If you like those big inflatable yard whoozits, this is the house for you.

Last pic, this one is more understated compared to the rest of the neighborhood, but I am liking its simple red and white color combination.

So that's it (finally) for the New York pictures...I need to do a cross stitching post next but it will probably be a couple days before I get to it.  LOTS of things happening this week!

Cheers, y'all!  And happy new year!

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CCsMom said...

I LIKE it, Kik! Wow. The house that is between ours and where the A Team used to live had things in their yard spanning from property line to property line. The had their entire roof lit with rows of lights and then a lit Santa in his sleigh with the reindeer out front -- and this was a 2-story house. Lots of inflatables. It was crazy. I like to go by and check it out every year to see if they did it again. They had a Santa in his sleigh near the driveway -- and he was pulling a little camper trailer. A big inflatable company is located here locally. I'm sure they bought lots of things through them. And there wasn't any ONE theme as they had Star Wars, Sponge Bob, etc., etc. out there. CRAZINESS!!!