Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowmageddon, Part 1

So you might have heard about that itsy-bitsy snowstorm currently hanging out over the East Coast.  Ya know, no big.

It started snowing here around 12:30 or 1:00 yesterday afternoon, and hasn't stopped since.  Above pic is our second-story back patio area, and it took a while for snow to accumulate on it at the start because the boards have a gap between them so at first snow was falling through the gaps.  But wait till you see the ground...

Oh yeah, this was Sadie and Vader's first time to go out today, so we took a couple of Milk Bones and tossed them into the snow.  *evil grin*

Sadie was all over it, and Vader was like NO.  Which is funny, considering Vader is the one who so loves his food.

Sadie butt!  She did eventually dig the biscuit out.

Oh yeah, that's a lot of snow.

We don't have a snow shovel, so Lee moved the snow with our big push broom and eventually used a regular shovel to try to clear a path out to the gate.

Sadie loooooooooooves snow.  She eats it.  She likes the type of snow that's a little crunchy like a snow cone.  This snow is all fluffy soft stuff so you sink right into it when you try to walk anywhere.  She still ate it ; )

Vader is much less thrilled with all of this white stuff.

But he sure is cute : )

After Lee got the gate open, he snow-swam out into the common area and called Sadie.  It was hilarious watching her kangaroo-bop through the snow, we need to take a video next time we go out.  And by the way, while we were out doing this at 8:30 this morning, it was still coming down.  And it still is now at 11:00.

White snow freckles : )

I just like this one of Say-Say.

Action shot of Vader!  I think Lee was throwing snowballs at him.  But the snow doesn't compact, so the snowballs would kind of fall apart mid-air.

Oh, but Sadie got one!


I did trudge out quite a ways to get to the street, and I could only tell when I'd reached the street because of where the speed limit sign is.  Sadie went out with us, she's smart enough to follow right in our wake instead of making her own path for the most part.  Vader is even smarter, he stayed at the house.

Sadie was all about the snow until she realized there was no grass to be seen for her to do her business.  She did eventually find a patch of grass but I think this is a bit much snow, even for Snow Bunny Sadie.

I had fun with it though :)  Like I said, I think we'll try to take some videos next time we let the kids out.  Until then, hot tea for everyone!

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CCsMom said...

Looks a little bit cold there!!! It almost seems like spring here in Texas . . . what a difference!