Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Accolade, Part 10

So here it is January 13th and I'm just now getting my cross stitch post up.  Oops.  Well, despite December being a very busy month, I did manage to make some great progress on The Accolade.

And here's what mine looks like now:

I did 10,196 stitches, and I'm at about 44% finished (66,461 out of 150,000).  If I keep going at this rate, the next time it comes up in the rotation I'll finally hit the halfway point.  Which is exciting and slightly depressing at the same time.

There's a closeup of where I was working.  I was right the last time I posted about this piece, the curtain and chair behind the lady went much faster than she herself did, even though there were still a lot of color changes.  So next time I'll finish up the chair cushion and then get to work on her dress, which should be fun.  I'm looking forward to getting back to the far right because I have so many little stitches hanging out there in a vast sea of unfinished-ness and I like solid blocks of done-ness.  Hee.

I've been hard at work on January's project since the new year started so maybe I'll actually get that cross stitch post up closer to the start of February.  For now though, I have two adorable doglets who want to go for a walk even though it's literally freezing outside.  Cheers, peeps!

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CCsMom said...

VERY nice. Can't wait to see this one done! Great job, Kik!