Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rain Blossoms, Part 6

Well, look who's back with a cross stitch update.  And also a Snowmageddon update:  it rained all day long yesterday and it was in the 60s, so probably 85% of the snow is now gone (including our snowbear).  Aaaand now we're knee-deep in mud.  Yay?

Anyway, back to cross stitching.  January's project was Rain Blossoms:

And here is what mine looks like now:

I did 7,159 stitches last month, which is lower than I wanted but that umbrella was slow going with the confetti, so what can you do.  Plus I was so busy with baby shower everything that I missed several evenings of working on this.  Still, I'm at 45,609 stitches out of 60,300, so I'm over 75% finished.  I'll take it.

Closeup of the umbrella where I spent most of my time last month.  I still have that one umbrella in the back to do, and the trailing vines are a lot of confetti as well, so this will take another couple of months to finish.  But it will have to await its turn in the rotation.

It's almost lunchtime here so that's it for me today.  Cheers, y'all!

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