Saturday, April 2, 2016

DC Cherry Blossoms

Ya know, since we moved back Stateside, there's been a distinct lack of cool photos to share on the old blog.  I think my photo mojo stayed behind in Europe.  But anyway, a couple of weeks ago (on March 19th, since when I eventually get around to scrapbooking these photos I'll want to know the date), Lee and I went up to DC early in the morning to meet up with some friends and try to get some cherry blossom pictures.  Not a whole lot was in full bloom when we went, but on the up side that meant that it wasn't crazy crowded and ridiculous.

My first photo of the day:  I checked it out on the camera screen, literally growled at the camera, and then moved on to something else because it came out all blurry.  Lee likes it though, he says it kinda looks like an Impressionist painting.

Full view of the tree which gave me the blurry close-up.

We walked a little ways down to the Tidal Basin (that is what it's called, right?  Right there where the Jefferson Memorial is?  I don't know, I wasn't in charge of where we were going) and then did the full loop around it.

See, we saw a lot of buds and not as many fully bloomed flowers.  Oddly, the buds are much pinker than the'll see.

Like right there.  I do like how the background turned out in this one.

I tried to get some pictures of the blossoms with the local landmarks to prove these are DC cherry blossoms and not flowers from someplace else.  But our Japan cherry blossom pictures are much better, we had a clear day there :p

I caught this shot of Frank in the wild ;)

Like my purple scarf?  My mommy made it for me.  Like my bright green jacket?  Lee got it for me so he could find me more easily because he says I have a tendency to wander off.  Whatever.

I'm not really sure what kind of tree this is, maybe some kind of magnolia?  It was blooming with much greater abandon than the cherry trees, anyway.

In fact, I think my favorite shots from this day are the possibly-magnolia ones.

I like the veins on the petals.

And the curves on the twig holding up the blossoms.

I took a lamp post picture in New York that I really liked, but this one isn't as good.  Oh well.

Lee's pic of the Washington Monument.

And I think this is my pic of the Jefferson Memorial.

I just liked the weird shape of this tree, it leans over at such an extreme angle and it looks gnarled and cool.

This is one of Lee's pics of the Jefferson Memorial.

That one too.  After we made the full circuit, we went back to our cars and then Frank and Audra's friends had made a reservation at a restaurant in Old Town Alexandria so we went there for a late breakfast.

Audra took this picture of me and Lee at the restaurant, I love it.  Lee had her take another one where it doesn't look like I'm half-strangling him to keep him from escaping me, but I like this one better : D

So that was our first year of DC cherry blossoms.  The weather was weird here--it warmed up enough that the trees started to bud, but then it froze over again and the trees got all confused.  Maybe next year will be better...


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, lady! Was a great day., :)

CCsMom said...

Very nice. I do like these a lot. Yes, it IS the Tidal Basin. Joni and Ty's photos from their vow renewal ceremony were done there. So neat!!! LOVE it!

Vicki Burns said...

So pretty! When I was there last year, we had just missed the cherry blossoms. LOVE the one of you and Ree!