Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Eilonwy, Part 11

Lee was surfing the 'Net on his phone yesterday and said, "Man, this chick never updates her blog!" and it was mine.  Well, here's a new blog post!  Since we were gone all last week I haven't done my monthly cross stitch update.  March's project was Eilonwy, a.k.a. Take the Fair Face of Woman:

Reference picture, and here's what mine looks like now:

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!  I'm almost 3/4 of the way done now, so exciting.  I really didn't want to put this one down.  Anywha, I did 10,157 stitches last month, for a grand total of 89,782 and 71.26% DONE DONE DONESKY.  I have about half a page to finish up just by her shoulder, and then there's one more row of full pages and then a row of just 20 stitches and the whole piece will be finished.  Very exciting.  I've done more stitches on this than any of my other projects, even though the Great Wave is completely done it only took 81.084 stitches to finish.  I'll probably get close to 100,000 stitches done on this the next time it comes up in the rotation.  And sometime soon I'll have to figure out where on Earth I would put her when she's all done and framed...


CCsMom said...

Gorgeous, Kik. This is REALLY BEAUTIFUL. You'll need something bright to frame it in -- probably a gold or antique gold, I'm thinking since the background is so dark. Just beautiful!

CCsMom said...

Don't you think the little bag she is holding is interesting? I cannot believe how detailed you can get with these designs. It's pretty incredible. How many Scarlett Quince designs have you done now?