Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Accolade, Part 11

Well kids, it's time once again for a cross stitch progress post.  April's project was The Accolade:

And here's what I've got:

I decided to do an extra-giantous picture today : p  This time around I only did 6,830 stitches, nowhere close to last time when I managed over 10,000, but we were out of town for a week so I suppose that's not too bad.  Plus that belt and the folds in her skirt took  She doesn't have hands yet, which I admit is a bit on the creepy side but not nearly as creepy as when Eilonwy's eye was floating in space.  Anyway, I'm now at 48.86% done so not quite to 50% which is what I'd been hoping for but I'll get over it.  73,291 stitches down, 76,709 to go!  Oh wait, it sounds depressing when I put it like that.

Well, I need to go pick up dog food and go hit the gym.  I was supposed to go to kickboxing this morning but Sadie gave me puppy dog eyes and begged to go walk, so I did that instead--it's been raining so much lately I figured we'd better go while it was only misting.  The toes of my shoes are still wet.

Cheers, y'all!