Saturday, January 7, 2017

New York City

Uh, hi.  I know it's been a while since I last updated the blog.  And I actually do have pictures to share from a couple of trips that Lee and I took last fall.  I decided I'd better post as much of them as I can now, and write about what we saw before I have this baby and my brains all leak out.  Because I'm pretty sure that happens.

So!  At the beginning of September last year, Lee and I took the train from DC up to New York.  Lee got us a hotel right off of Times Square, which is not actually square (truth in advertising is DEAD, y'all), but it was easy to walk to lots of things from our hotel and we were near a main hub on the subway, so win.

So this was taken from the back side of the NY Public Library that's on Fifth Avenue (more on that in a minute) and there's a view of the Chrysler Building.  Which always makes me think of the musical Annie where the orphans are supposed to clean the orphanage until it SHINES like the TOP of the CHRYSLER BUILDING!

And there is the Empire State Building.  More on that in a minute, too.  Also, nice sky in this shot.  Lee took it, but I was the one who drew his attention to this angle.

Just because the purple building looked cool.

There's the statue at Rockefeller Center, we also saw it in December of 2015 when we did the super-quick photography tour of NYC.

Love the bright neon colors in this one contrasted with the black.

We did a free walking tour of SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown; we saw the apartment building where Heath Ledger died and another building where Beyonce has (or had? I don't know) an apartment.

This is supposed to be the oldest pizza place in America.  We went back later and ate there, and maybe my palate is totally uncultured but I didn't think it was really all that different/mo bettah than pizza I've gotten elsewhere.  Also I was only like 15 weeks pregnant when we went on this trip, just enough that I couldn't get my capris to button, so I've got this stretchy band around my waist that keeps my pants up ;)  (Right now I'm at 36 weeks and I've got a beach ball attached to my front, one that wiggles and jiggles a lot.)

So these pictures aren't really in order since the ones from the big camera are all up first and then whatever snaps we took on our phones.  On another walking foray from our hotel, we happened to find Grand Central Terminal (we weren't looking for it, we were kind of wandering around aimlessly).

We did go back to the library on purpose to take pictures of the lion statues.

If you're a big Ghostbusters fan like I am, you might remember that the lion statue is featured in one of the earliest scenes in the movie.

I think it's at kind of an angle like this.  You know when Ray, Egon, and Venkman go to the library and see their first ghost and it scares the pants off them and they go running out of the library.

Before we even left for our trip, we got tickets to go up in the Empire State Building, and we got the VIP ones that let us skip a lot of the lines (like a FastPass at Disneyland, only it's just an elevator ride and not Space Mountain).  It was expensive, but awesome to skip the long long lines.

We went up I think an hour before sunset; Lee wanted to get pictures of everything during the day, as the sun went down, and once all the lights came up.  We were up there for well over two hours.  I had to sit down while he took the pictures; at this point in the pregnancy I had a lot of round ligament pain in my right side if I was standing for a long time.

The Flatiron Building!  We never did go see it close up though.

There's the Chrysler Building again.  I do like it, it has a lovely Art Deco thing going.

I have no idea what this building is with the gold-plated roof, but we loved it for photographic purposes.

See, we kept coming back to the gold roof.  I did take a few pictures but I think most of these are Lee.

Sun's starting to go down so you see the lights on the Chrysler Building a bit.

Starting to get darker....

...and there's the night shot Lee was waiting for.  I think we took a couple hundred pictures from the top of the Empire State Building before we went back down to street level.

So I've got more NYC pics to share (you know we didn't miss the Statue of Liberty this time!), and I've got a bunch of pics from a road trip to New England in October as well.  But for right now I'm going to sit and watch the snow's coming down pretty good at the moment and it's just fun to watch.  Sadie is gonna want to go out in it so she can eat the snow.

Cheers!  And Happy New Year!

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