Sunday, January 8, 2017

NYC, Part 2

I'm waiting for my yeast to proof to make some homemade rolls so here I am back with more NYC photos!  This time we're starting out at the World Trade Center.

This is one of the memorials for the fallen towers; it's beautifully done.  Each tower is surrounded by a thing that has the names of each of the people who died on September 11 in that tower.

There you can see a bit of the names.  It's very peaceful here, and it's against the law for people to come in there and try to sell you things or be disruptive, which is nice.

I admit, I totally cried while we were here.  Especially when I saw the name of one lady followed by "and her unborn baby".  I think that September 11 will be our generation's version of the JFK assassination; we all remember where we were and what we were doing when we found out about the attacks.

We only stayed there about a half hour or 45 minutes, and then we set out on foot to find the Ghostbusters firehouse which was I think under a mile away.

And to my everlasting annoyance, it's also under scaffolding.  It is a real working firehouse, but while they're working on it the ladder company has moved elsewhere.

They do have these painted on the sidewalk outside the firehouse though, they know why everyone wants to visit there.

In fact, a couple of other people came up to the firehouse while we were there (and I was pouting), so we were not the only ones to be surprised by the scaffolding.

After that, since it was reasonably close by, we decided to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge.

And we walked halfway across it, then back.

Why halfway?  We had timed tickets to go see the Statue of Liberty, so we decided to just go halfway and then book it for the subway to get to wherever it was we needed to be for Lady Liberty.

And there she is!  Our tickets were for 2-something in the afternoon so the light is a bit harsh, but we got to see her.

And take dozens of pictures from the ferry.

Which kinda goes halfway around Liberty Island before it docks.

And then I think we pretty much walked all the way around the island after we disembarked from the boat.  We had tickets to go up to the pedestal level too (by the time we bought ours, even though it was in advance, the crown tickets were all sold out for the entire time we were in NYC).

There's an exhibit in the pedestal about the building of the statue, and there's this, which is the original torch and flame.  They went through a couple of different ideas trying to find one to make her torch flicker that looked good.

Back outside, Lee tried to get some interesting angles and detail shots of Lady Liberty.

Each of the copper-plated panels that make up the statue is totally unique and was put in place by hand.

There's my awesome Ghostbusters shirt, even if the firehouse was a bust.  Boo.

And one more shot of Lady Liberty.  I have some more pictures from there coming up next time; as I said, the pics aren't in totally chronological order.  On our way back to the city, the boat stopped at Ellis Island, so we spent about an hour looking around the museum there but it was getting kinda late in the day and I was tired (and pregnant) and we were starting to get hungry, so we didn't really do much on Ellis Island before we called it quits to head back.

One more set of NYC pictures and then we're on to Boston!

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