Sunday, January 15, 2017

NYC, Part 3: The Selfies Strike Back

Heyyy, last of the NYC pictures!  On our last day in the city, hubs and I basically walked from one end of Central Park to the other.

Believe it or not, Lee took this one, not me--even though it's flowers!  I like the colors.

This tree just made such an interesting shape.

This is the tribute to John Lennon in Central Park, it's just across the street from where he was murdered.  There are signs up to not play music there (seems counter-intuitive for a musician's memorial) but there were a couple of dudes playing some Beatles medleys on guitars anyway.

That is the real-life apartment building that was used as the front facade of Dana's apartment building in Ghostbusters (in the movie it looks 20 stories taller thanks to matte paintings).  Remember at the end with the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man and Venkman yells "NO ONE steps on a church in my town!"  There's the church too.

And here's where we get to the iPhone pictures...all the pics are basically in the order they were in when I uploaded them to print out so all our phone selfies are glomped at the end.  So Times Square!

Selfie at the pizza place...

And one with our pizza.  It was good, but I don't think it's the world's most amazing pizza.  And also we had to wait 2+ hours for it and it was expensive.

Inside Grand Central...we didn't have much luck with our DSLR camera in there due to the lighting conditions.

Selfie at the top of the Empire State Building.

And Brooklyn Bridge.

Last picture, in the display inside the pedestal at the Statue of Liberty, they have a full-size replica of her face which is like 10 feet tall.  Lee took a picture of me standing next to it too but being the irreverent soul I am, I was pretending to pick her nose so that one's staying hidden.

Next up are New England road trip pictures!

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