Saturday, March 25, 2017

One Month Old

Greetings from the land of Not Much Sleep!  Our little kidlet is now a month old (as of last week, but hey, it takes me a while to get pictures uploaded to the computer).  So here are a few pics from his one-month photo shoot, with commentary by Ryan.

Hey tall people, what are we doing here?  This activity seems a little weird but whatever.

Okay no really, WHAT is going on.

I do not approve.  I DO NOT APPROVE!

Hey tall people, what's up with this hat?  I think it's getting too small for me.  But I kinda like this dad guy.

Oh, I like him even better when he feeds me.

But I'm still not a fan of this whole photo shoot idea.  Weirdos.  Are we done yet?

So yep, them's the highlights from his one-month photo shoot.  I have a bonus picture that I took just this morning:

Ryan was all tuckered out after gifting us with a seriously nasty diaper (which necessitated a load of laundry be done), and then he had a bath and a blow dry.  He hates getting bathed, but he loves the hair dryer.  One of these days I'll have to take a video of him having his hair done, it's so funny.  But yep, here he is conked out and adorable.


CCsMom said...

Sweetest thing ever! I love his expression in that first picture -- kind of a timid smile. I was just talking to Robin C. And told her about your blog. She'll be checking it out. Cute, cute, though. I really love these pictures.

CCsMom said...

Brylcreem -- a little dab will do 'ya! To tame those luscious locks!

CCsMom said...

Not long until this little tooter turns 2 MONTHS!!! Time is flying. So cute! Can't wait to see his 2 month photos and how he's changed.