Monday, July 24, 2017

Five Months Pics

Time to post more Ryan pics!  A week ago I dressed Ryan up in his fancy duds and we did a little photo shoot for his five-month pictures.  We took almost 500 photos (again), and at first I didn't think we got much that I really liked, but when I went through them again this morning I found myself wanting to keep a lot more than I'd initially thought.  So let's take a look!

I know his face isn't in focus, just his hands, but I still think this one is cute.

Then we got several that look like this, so he got a bottle in the hopes of making him happier.

See this girl?  She's the one who taught Ryan everything he knows about not cooperating for pictures.

But we persisted.

I just think his face is funny in this one, he really chomps down with gusto on his toys.

Ryan still didn't want to cooperate much, so I had the idea to get the oval mirror out of the powder room and see if we could get some good pictures with Mirror Baby.  Ryan likes talking to Mirror Baby.

I think this picture is HILARIOUS---it looks like he's practicing his best Joey Tribbiani pickup lines.

We had to stop for a nap, but we reconvened in the afternoon to try for a few more pictures and HEY LOOK AT THAT HE SMILES!  Actually he smiles a lot, just not when we can get a picture of it.  Toot.

He loves to stand up.  He's not steady enough to do it on his own, but he'll stand up in my lap and just look all over.  He really likes the shogun helmet and shishi dogs he can see over my shoulder when I'm sitting with him on the couch.

Very serious business.

Trying a couple of different angles.  He did like messing with that bow tie.

Wee baby feets!!!

Wish I'd noticed my toes were in this shot while I was taking the pics, but I just love his face and his posture in this one.  He loves to kick his feet!  Not crawling yet, but he "swims" on the floor a lot and is really good at turning in a circle or rolling over and over to get to something he wants.  Crawling can't be far away, and then we're in trouble.


Yeah, we're like 99.99999% sure his eyes are going to stay blue like his daddy's.

One last happy baby picture.  And there you have it, that was the July photo shoot!

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CCsMom said...

How YOU doin'? SOOOO cute!!! I love the one where he's lying down and has legs are stretched out. I think he's definitely got your expressive "oww-brows". Too cute. I'll have to get some made for my book. One of these days I'm going to start one for each of the grandbabies just so I can look at the pictures over and over. Such a cute outfit. He's one happy baby. Makes you wonder what's going on in that head of his because he looks like he's thinking all the time. Too cute!!!