Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Half a Year Already

Wheee six month pictures!  I took these a few days after Ryan officially hit six months, but that's okay.  What's even better is that this time I was able to get him to look at me while I was taking his picture, so I got some pretty good ones.  This little squirt now weighs just under 16 pounds.  He's not really crawling yet, but he can kind of scooch himself around on the floor, and we think he'll start getting his baby teeth in pretty soon.  He's been chewing on everything he can get his hands on and he tends to suck in his bottom lip a lot, so that's part of why we think he'll be getting his teefs soon.

Is it weird that I usually take Ryan's picture while he's laying on the dog bed by the window?  I put a baby blanket or an afghan on top of it but it's cushy and usually he's happy to roll around on it for a bit while I snap.  And he's so CUUUUUTE.

As soon as I set the 6 Months sign next to him, he rolled over and smudged it. :p  We took some more pictures and then he suddenly decided he'd had enough fun for one session.

I laughed pretty hard when this pic popped up as I was looking through the photos on the computer.  Good lighting and everything, and I'm definitely keeping some pictures of Ryan when he's angry.  Might come in handy later as blackmail material (mwahahahahahahaaaaa!).  So little munchkin got to go down for a nap, had a bottle when he woke up, and then he was happy to continue with some more pictures.

I love this one.  That expression on his face, like he's got a secret or he's about to start giggling.

Heyyy there's a smile!!

And there's those big blue eyes.

I think this one is funny because Ryan totally does the single eyebrow quirk like his mama.

Another one where I just thought his facial expression was so funny.  Told you he wants to chew on everything.

Who, me?  Yep.

See, he's kinda sucking on his bottom lip, which he does all. the. time now.

Smiling while he chomps on his toy.  And yep, it was *totally* intentional that his toy matches one of the colors on his onesie.  I think about these things.

Last one, I focused on his hands just because they're cute wee baby grabby hands.

Ryan is asleep now, so I'm going to split for the gym so I can get a workout in.  That's the advantage of having Lee here--I can go to the gym or run a quick errand while Ryan sleeps, but I have to get back quick because Lee isn't allowed to lift anything that weighs more than 5 pounds so I'm the one who has to get Ryan and change the diapers and all that.  But still, I get gym time.



CCsMom said...

How CUTE!!! I especially love the one where he's starting to chomp down on the sign -- looks VERY determined. The one where he's not happy -- are you abusing that baby?!!! That's what Mimi would always say. I thought that was so funny. You can say that in your own circle -- just not too loud while you are out in public. Ha! He's a doll baby. You ought to compare these with his early photos and you'll see just how far he's come. Looks like a little boy with the haircut. SO CUTE. Enjoy!

Tanya said...

I was on your stamping blog and hopped over to see how big your baby might be. My baby started squealing and waving- so happy to see him! She's 11m now but I think they'd be buddies. :)

Maria Rodriguez. said...

This is the first time I'm on your other blog, I don't know why I didn't come sooner but now, I'm glad I did.
Your little son is so beautiful, love the hair cut pictures, he is amazingly calm, most kids won't sit still.
Thank you for sharing this lovely pictures of your sweet baby.
Maria Rodriguez.