Monday, September 25, 2017

Coming Soon: Niagara Falls Pics!

Hey y'all!  Lee and I took Ryan on his very first road trip last week!  We drove from here to our friends' house in upstate New York, and then caravanned (my computer doesn't like that with one N or two, but I'm sure it's a least in Britain!) with them up to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  We've only just flipped through the pictures really fast so I don't have any picked out for a blog post, but I do have these two:

We did one of those boat rides where they take you up close to the waterfalls and I felt like I'd taken a shower in Niagara Falls even though I was wearing a poncho.  Anyway, before you get on the boat, they take your picture and do these green screen backdrops; I was surprised when I walked out of the souvenir shop after our boat ride and Lee was buying ours.  But hey!  Fun souvenir, and we got hard copies plus the digital copies which is nice.  And look, Ryan is looking at the camera!  Sure he's not smiling, but at least he's looking in the right direction.

Ryan did GREAT on the road trip.  The first day, when we were driving up to Scott and Tiana's house, he decided he'd had enough car time when we were still about an hour out and he pretty much hollered until we got him out of the car, but that turned out to be the worst he got.  On the way back, we drove straight from Niagara Falls back home, and he only got a little fussy once or twice and spent most of the time sleeping or just hanging out and being quiet.  He was really good when we were in Niagara, too, so maybe there's more road trips in his future : )  And now he can say that he had his first international trip at seven months old!  Hey, it was my first time in Canada too.

Anyway, when Ryan goes down for his first nap today I might go through the pics and get a blog post started.  But right now I'm going to get him out of his bouncer and play with him for a bit.  Cheers!

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CCsMom said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I was thinking, "How did they get the very same expression on Ryan in BOTH pictures?" Well, it's the SAME pose with a different background. How funny. He sure looks like he's just not that interested in what is going on. So cute. So glad you had a great time.