Monday, September 18, 2017

Seven Months

Y'all, I have a problem.  Because I have the absolute CUTEST KID ON THE PLANET, these monthly posts keep getting longer and longer!  Yep, problem. ; )

So anyway, Ryan hit seven months on Friday, so Lee and I did his photo shoot...but really I broke out the camera almost every day last week just to catch pictures of Ryan since he's starting to explore things.  But first, I can't remember exactly what day Lee took these first few pictures but it's sometime after the 6-month ones...

It's banana time!

Yeah, I think it's been at least a couple of weeks since Lee took these.  But he's so cute and happy.

And banana-y.

He still doesn't do the classic crawl; he seems happy to slap his hands on the floor and pull himself along that way.  Lee looked it up and apparently that's pretty standard for kids who spend most of their floor time on wood as opposed to carpet--wood is comfy to slide around on and carpet isn't, so babies on carpet tend to crawl instead of what Ryan does.

But since he's mobile, we frequently have the problem that he'll try moving closer to me as I'm trying to take his picture.  Awww, he likes me!

He also likes the handle on my hope chest, although his new favorite toy...

Is the dogs' water bowl.

He will scoot from one side of the house to the other just to get at that bowl.

And yes, he's tilted the thing and splashed water all over everywhere on more than one occasion.  Lee and I are both fine with him sticking a hand in and playing with the water, but we'd prefer he not swim in it or make a lake in the kitchen.


Look look look!  A TOOF!!!!

Ryan was on the floor, playing around in our entryway (which is three steps lower than the rest of the living area) and saw his daddy coming up the steps outside.  Big smile for dada.

And here we start the photo shoot on Friday.  My friend Melissa made the blanket for Ryan; my mom's aunt and uncle sent us the outfit.  The overalls have Mike from Monsters Inc. on the bottom though I don't think you see it in these pictures, but I love the colors.

We had a bit easier time of it this time around with getting the squirt to smile.  Maybe because Lee and I were both here?  So one of us could try to entertain Ryan and the other could take the pictures?

Or maybe we were smart and started taking pictures right after he was fed so he's all happy.


Yeah, I know.  My kid is gorgeous.  I've had several people think he's a girl when we're out and about.  Is it the hair?  Not like I dress him in pink...not like I wouldn't dress him in pink if I found something I liked in pink though.  But blue brings out his eyes.

Speaking of hair, Lee gave Ryan a bath and dried his hair afterwards with the hair dryer and I don't even know what is going on with it right here.

But it looks pretty stinkin' hilarious.

Om nom nom!!!

I don't know why I like this picture so much.  Maybe it's because of the teeny baby piggies?

Last one.  I love our little monster!

Info for me because I'm going to forget things by the time I can scrap these photos:  Ryan loves scooting around all over the floor anywhere we'll let him.  Favorite things to grab are cables and cords, the handles on the hope chest (or drawer pulls on my dresser), and the dog water why do we have a bunch of toys for him again?!  We're trying to do some solid foods (like the banana) but we did get pureed baby food...this kid will eat pretty much anything so far.  Favorite thing is the apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, I swear he'll eat half my bowl and then ask Lee for half of his oatmeal too.  He smiles at the dogs a lot, and will creep up to them...Vader will generally stay still and let Ryan crawl over his legs, and he licks Ryan's feet or arms or whatever he can get to.  Sadie is fine with Ryan if we're holding on to him, but if he's out moving himself around, she runs away.  Chicken lips.  Ryan also likes to visit Mirror Baby, who magically seems to wear the same clothes he does : D  And possibly his favorite thing in the world is hanging upside down.  Squeals and squawks and big smiles ensue.  He's also kinda ticklish!


CCsMom said...

Ryan DEFINITELY looks like a little boy, but he so much resembles YOU at that age. It's pretty incredible. So what is with the Flock of Seagulls hair when he's trying to knaw on that sign?!!! Too funny for words! It just goes all over the place. He is a happy litle boy. So cute. I need a Ryan cuddle. Wish I wasn't so far away. Great pictures, Kik!

Melissa A said...

I know he loves the blanket that I made because he's eating it! :)

CCsMom said...

He sits up really, really well, too!