Friday, September 1, 2017

The Accolade, Part 12

I'm very excited to report that after a six-month hiatus, I'm back to cross stitching :)  I hadn't done any since Ryan was born, but about a week ago I got The Accolade out of the hope chest and started working on it again.  I've really missed stitching!  However, it seems like I've been staying up a lot later in the evenings to do this...yeah I need to go to bed earlier.  But anyway!  Here's the current progress shot:

I stopped and did a stitch count at the beginning of February, but I didn't take a picture of it then, and I did some more work on it between the beginning of February and when Ryan was born.  So counting that two weeks in February and what I did in August, I did 5,493 stitches.  I've now got 87,629 stitches done out of 150,000, so I'm roughly 58% finished.

There's a little closer.  I'm going to keep working on the shield and the people on the far right and then work my way back to the left.  I've got two more rows of full pages, and then one row of partial pages and then I'll be done with this.  Which should only take the next ten years or so :p  I ought to break The Quarry out of retirement too and just go between these two projects...but for now I'm going to keep going on The Accolade.  Because I want to.  : D


CCsMom said...

VERY nice. I think this one is going to have to go in a gold fram to bring out her golden hair and the brain around her arm and hips. Hmmm, matte? Not sure what color. Looks like a tapestry, doesn't it? Beautiful. What stitch count? I DO like 16 the best. I'll have to take a look at the stockings again. I think they vary between 14 and 18, but I don't remember.

Very nice, Kik!

Maria Rodriguez. said...

WOW!! Christy, this is stunning!!! I was an avid cross stitcher some years ago but then, I became a grandma and I got into racing Triathlons and the kids and the training took a lot of time and energy. Then I discovered stamping and I've been totally immersed in it but I do miss cross stitching.
I noticed that you mark with thread small sections on your project, looks like it's maybe squares of 10x10?
Can you tell me why you do it? I'm assuming is to not lose your place?
Anyway, this project is gorgeous, I hope you keep posting your progress.
Thank you for sharing.
Maria Rodriguez.