Monday, November 27, 2017

Nine Months (and 11 Days)

Hey y'all!  We took Ryan's 9-month pictures late.  Well, he had his first flu shot on the 15th, and then Lee's parents were here and then the Tracys were here for Thanksgiving and everything was crazy and we finally got it done yesterday.  Eleven days late, which is how much past his due date he was, so that's funny.

Taking a little stroll with Dad's help!  He is ALL BELLY in some of these pictures.  Probably getting ready for a growth spurt.

 So he's back to making this face a lot, Blue Steel is back.  It looks like he's perpetually saying "oooh".

Got Mama's legs!  (Yes, Mama is wearing Star Wars pajama pants!)  So after this we took Ryan over by the front door where we usually do his pictures and he was Not Happy about that.

Yep.  Not Happy.  I kinda love this picture though.

Dad picked him up again and then all was right in the world.

I couldn't decide which one of these pictures I liked the best...

So you get three versions.

Back in "The Pit" but not for very long.  He's getting really good at climbing those stairs to get out to the main floor.  Sadie is Not Amused.

Sadie:  "He's coming after me, isn't he." *doggo sigh*

That's a cute face too!  As much as Sadie doesn't want to be near the baby when he's roaming the floor, she did manage to photo bomb a LOT of the pictures this month.

Love that squishy face!!

And this one's just funny because they both have their mouths open looking at Lee.

Vader was right there too, but he's better than Sadie about staying out of the way (unless there's food involved).

If only the sign wasn't glaring in this one!  Oh well.  Still cute.

Lee took this one.  And then we let Ryan crawl around for a bit and he took a nap, after which he needed a change of clothes but we took some more pictures in the afternoon.

I chose the matching short-sleeve onesie outfit just because it's easier for color combinations when I scrapbook.  And also I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE these fox onesies!!!

Ryan likes hanging upside down.

Just like that.

Fox butt!!!

I love this one, I'm pretty sure he's doing his squeal which Lee calls the dying cat sound.  It is really funny and I can't reproduce it but he's really talkative when he's happy.

And here he is with his favorite toy--the plug from my lamp.  He unplugs that lamp at least three times a day.  He loves to play with the plug, he'll kinda bang it on the floor and wave it around and sometimes he tries to take it with him as he crawls around the floor but we don't want him dragging the lamp behind him.  His other favorite toy is the remote for the Apple TV, which is the smallest one and fits in his little hands (and mouth) the best, but he also likes the cable box remote and we wonder why it doesn't seem to talk to the box as well as it used to.  (Baby slime, that's why.)


CCsMom said...

Happy boy. He looks so grown up sitting on the stairs. Ha! Wow! Healthy and happy and what could be better. Can't wait to see you all SOON!

CCsMom said...

LOVED rubbing that little round Buddha belly while he was here. Such a happy little boy and we had a great Christmas!!! Had such a wonderful time with the Stanfords in town. So in hopes you don't lose all of your photos. Got my fingers crossed. Love you!

CCsMom said...

So he's 11 months now . . . NEED MORE PICTURES!!!