Thursday, May 17, 2018

Let's Boogie

Okay so, last night we had the TV on and Lee was playing with Ryan and a commercial came on that had music so Lee did this silly little dance thing and Ryan was watching him and then he did it too and we laughed SO HARD and then we spent the next five minutes trying to get him to do it again so we could take a video of him dancing.

Of course the commercial with the music wasn't on anymore, so Ryan pinched the ear of a lion toy he has that plays music (MOM!) and that's what he's dancing to.  You can kinda hear it along with the noise from the TV.

Bonus video:  he shoots, he scores!

I really hope the videos work right....


CCsMom said...

Little Muscle Man!!! He's so cute. You just want to SQUEEZE him. Can't wait to kiss those cheeks again. Gotta make plans!

CCsMom said...

In that first video, he does look like he's thinking, "Oh,that was a moment of silliness. So carry on!"